Sunday, January 11, 2009

Murphy's weekend

Here is where I spend the weekend! My parent's mountain cabin. We haven't been there in close to 10 years. Small, cozy, warm, quiet, and...booby trapped! The plumbing had a small problem, the relief drain didn't shut off. Hubby fixed it. The chair by the stairs, broke. Looked like someone had already tried to fix it. Hubby fixed it..his way. The bricks in the wood stove, one fell, and broke. Hubby fixed it...his way. The vacum cleaner had a clog. A big one. Hubby fixed it. I forgot the coffee. By the time I realized it the little store was closed and I'd have to wait till morning. I am addicted to caffiene. I'll admit it. I woke up with a massive headache. I popped two Excedrin. Only they were blue. Didn't think about it at the time. But after a phone call I was informed "someone" had put Excedrin PM in the Excedrin bottle. Yikes! Or rather zzzzz. I got my coffee but it only kept the desire to zzzz at bay. I still was in a fog most of the day. After the traps were worked out it was a great weekend! It was absolutely gorgeous on the mountain! Warm for the mountain at 40 degrees and no new snow so it was perfect to stroll around in. Except I was looking forward to new snow and woke Sunday morning to....RAIN! On the Mountain! The Northwet is having a particularly weird weather spell.

No TV, no internet, no phone, meant a great time to sit n knit. I finished R's legwarmers. It was a free pattern I found on ravelry called Legwarmies by Never Not Knitting. I could have knit them in a weekend just like the pattern said since I knit the second one in several hours on Saturday. I used the new Red Heart Heart and Sole sock yarn in the Spring Stripe colorway. More details on ravelry.

But Murphy's Law did not control everything this weekend! Meet my son and fiancee! They're engaged and chose this weekend to tell us. We've expected it for awhile since they've been dating about a year and a half and by the time they're married it will be two. We are thrilled to be adding to our family a new daughter and granddaughter. I'm sure their will be more wedding posts in the near future! They've chosen a date and talked to our Pastor but our new daughter (in law) is still treading water as to what she wants her wedding to be like. Sniff, sniff, I love weddings, especially when it's such a special couple.

Lest you think I'm not excited enough since I waited 3 days to post this...I was under order of silence by my son! But the wait is over!


  1. WOW WOW WOW! Congrats!! I totaly understand about the coffee, I go to Indy & visit Rachel...I take coffee! So glad you had it in time to really enjoy the visit. Nice looking couple. but HEY! That was My Pink Prayer!!!!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Congratulations to all! and I have GOT to make some of those leggins for 'Rushy Bear!

  3. Those leggings are so cute!! I usually do not use Red Heart. I find it to be more of a craft quality. Are you happy with it and have you use it for other projects? I do not consider myself a yarn snob, but when I put hours of work into something, the last thing I want is for it to sag and bag and pill up.
    Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.
    The cabin pictures are beautiful. I would have been in the same boat had I forgotten my coke zero.
    We are going to a lodge in Montana in a couple of weeks. I am already planning everything I have to ready for the trip. Coke, knitting, computer, warm clothes, the list goes on and on.