Thursday, February 19, 2009

2008 is in the books

Literally, in the books. One of my goals for 2009 was to be less mongamous in my crafting and more polygamous. Apparently I still have a lot of work to do in that area when it comes to scrapbooking. A stack of pictures drives me to my scrapbook table and despite a back ache or the late (or early) time of day, I stay until the stack is in the books. But I have a closet full of yarn that I can ignore and projects that I want to do and it doesn't drive me like scrapbooking does. If I could get a handle on why, then maybe I could get the stash down. My husband went out of town for a business trip and so there was no one to keep my scrapbook goals to a sane level and to insist I needed to sleep. My daughter loves the insaneness because she gets another movie so Mom can keep scrappin. (I did fix her regular healthy meals and make sure she exercised so I didn't totally ignore her) But as of 1am, or as my husband would say, O dark thirty, all of the grandmunchkin albums are caught up through Christmas of 2008. Did I mention that I have 6 albums to do? One for each of the younger grandchildren. Chalk up another insanity mark against me. But after they're done, I look back at my pages and usually love what I've done and love seeing those little cherub faces. Below are a few of my favorites, although I like them all.

Grandson #3's album, or Mr. W:
Granddaughter #2's album, or the 2nd Miss S:

Grandson #4's album, or Mr. B: (did I mention that all of the albums for this family are done in a Disney theme? I've got to have a reason to buy and use the great Disney scrapbooking stuff that's on the market and a trip to Disneyland is a few years off.)

Isn't his smile a killer? This little guy is so photogenic that the pages don't need much!
And Granddaughter #3's album, or Miss R. Her album is Disney as well, but I get to use Princesses in hers along with Mickey and gang. And the album I use for her has Mickey engraved on the front.

I also have a different color album for each grandchild so at a glance they know which albums are theirs.
While I've been busy scrapbooking, my busy daughter completed her very first granny square afghan. She continues to amaze me. I taught her how to do a granny square thinking I'd have to hold her hand through every square. I was wrong. I taught her to do a flat braid join for the squares, again thinking hand holding would be neccessary. Wrong again. This is her creation. She picked the colors for each square, she crocheted them, she crocheted them together. I know hand work is really really good for her and keeps her brain not only active, but growing, but it gives her so much more. This proudly rests on Her chair!

And now without further ado, since the eyelids are drooping...I'm going to get a few zzzz before tonight's Knitting Guild meeting.
Before I go, I have a chuckle to share. I care for my grandchildren and the two year old had me all to herself the last couple of days. I try and teach them sign but in the car I was trying to teach her the names of her parents and where she lived. Part of this was self preservation, she's into the "why?" stage. So today I asked her what her Mommy's name was. Her reply, "no, no, no" and to which she added, "My Mommy says No." She stuck with that every time I asked. Too cute...for me...maybe not for Mommy.


  1.!!!!!!!!!!! That is so impressive!! I talk about it a lot, but really do more talking than doing. ;)

    And I am amazed and delighted at your daughter's beautiful afghan! She just took right to it didn't she?

  2. Wow, I am so impressed! I do thesame thing when larrys gone, its amazing the things you can do between 10pm & @ am! LOL Those are great, I think its a wonderful gift to the grands, they will know your always thinking of them. When S is ready for some partial balls let me know...great for scrapghans.