Friday, February 20, 2009

pick up sticks

Hey Grandpa! Look at me! I'm helping you out! See, we heard you pruned the fruit trees and the grapes in your yard before you left on your business trip. And the weather here has been too beeeeuuuutiiiifuuuul to spend all the time indoors so we came over to give Granny a little company (she misses you really bad) and to clean up the mess, er, trimmings you left. As you can see, Grandpa, I'm a huge help already!

I even took them to the pile like I'm supposed to.

Um, R, is directionally challenged, or she's being a tad stubborn. I don't think she should get any of your Oreos when you get home. I should get lots! I'm your cookie buddy remember!

Mommy made me put in this picture since you say she loves all the veggies and fruit from the garden but don't help out much anymore and she uses excuses like pregnancy, 3 little ones, work, and on and on. Well, see, she helped! So she should still get veggies and fruit from your garden..ok?

W was a big help too, just like me!

After we picked up the limbs we got to play. Mommy still loves bubbles and so does Granny.
R especially liked that part!

Hurry home Grandpa so you can see what we did and so we can give you slobbery kisses and we can share some Oreos!


  1. What great helpers, they deserve an oreo now! Hey, "she uses excuses like pregnancy" this new news?
    Did I miss something???????????????

  2. Those are great pictures! One of my children is my husband's Milk Dud buddies :o) We're going to need lots of gardening helpers this year. Can ya'll come help?