Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everything's coming up roses...

I finished it! Finally! Something finished to blog about! I purchased the yarn for this hat when were camping over Thanksgiving weekend but with all the Christmas rush I just cast it on last week. The hat was a quick knit, about 2 hours. The rosebuds took about 15 minutes each. The longest part was weaving in all the ends and sewing the rosebuds on. There was a lot of dissension among those on Ravelry that had done this hat because of all the ends and finishing. I did not use the ends of the rosebuds to sew them on. Instead I wove the ends into the rosebuds and used white sewing thread to sew the rosebuds on so the sewing didn't show on the inside. However! The concensus on ravelry was that the fiddling and finishing was worth it in the long run. I would quite agree. I was very pleased with how it looked and, more importantly, that little R looked so cute in it. Her Mommy was very pleased as well and commented several times how cute it looked. Whew...success! I knit it out of Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton and it was a dream to knit with. I'll use it again and probably do this pattern again which is the Rosebud hat from Itty Bitty Hats.

I made some hats during the snow storm for the older granddaughters as well. As you can tell by their attire, they're not needed right now. But it is only February. These were knit in Jiffy yarn and fun fur and another bulky yarn held together for the brim. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting On the Go, Chunky Scarves and Hats.

In case you're wondering how I get knitting and scrapbooking done, it isn't because I let my house go. No, I love clean and clutter free. I can get things done because I employ slave labor. They are still in training but they have a great attitude so I'll keep working on their methodology.


  1. Ha ha - one nice thing about being unemployed. They are currently MY slave labor! Friday I am going to teach them all about DUSTING!!!

  2. That rose hat is so cute and the model makes it even more adorable! I was thinking just today that I hadn't made B a new hat this year and started feeling like I was going to get kicked out of the grandma club. :)

    And what is it with kids and vaccuums??? LOL!

  3. What a busy gal. I am currently working on a sweater for my granddaughters birthday. Have two weeks to finish. May have to quit blogging and concentrate on knitting.