Monday, February 2, 2009


It's all the rage among my "friends" on facebook: to list 25 random things about yourself. I copied and pasted it here. Why? Because I have nothing else to blog about at this point. I have some knitting on the needles but they are slow going. And I've been scrapbooking. I finished 2008! In the family album. I still have all the grandmunchkin albums to catch up. I hope to post pictures tomorrow! Today is going to be a little busy with Bible study in the morning and walking the daughter in the afternoon, but I'm going to finish my hat! For those knitters out there, you're thinking, "a hat is taking her this long?" Well, it's not just a hat. Wait and see!

So in the meantime:

25 Random things in no particular order. I was working under a migraine induced fog so forgive the randomness!
1. I had to take a personality test when I worked at Nike. I tested out as an extreme introvert, which I really already knew. I don't mind being alone, actually I rather look forward to it. I have few close friends, mostly my daughter, my sister, mother.
2. I believe, really believe, in the power of prayer. "You have not because you ask not" Because of prayer I have a fourth child, my daughter has children, my daughter has a little girl as well as two boys, a marriage in my family was restored. God has done abundantly more that I can ask or pray.
3. They say there are defining moments in life. I remember the day my sister died. I saw what it did to my family. The loss defined me. I am known by my children as a "helicopter". I hover and it's because I am afraid to lose them. My worst fear almost came true when our son was hit by a drunk driver and life flighted to the hospital. We didn't know if he was still alive until we got to the hospital. It changed him as well.
4. Another defining moment was the third grade. My teacher, Mrs. Van Buren, taught a unit on deafness and blindness. I was fascinated and read everything I could get my hands on about both blindness and deafness and specifically about Helen Keller. Little did I know God was preparing me for a deaf daughter.
5. I grew up wanting marriage and children, nothing else. My sister kids me that my Barbies always got married and had babies. Hers just dated.
6. I loved being pregnant, even with 14 pounds of two babies and only one dress that fit at the end of the pregnancy.
7. God seems to always to have ministeries for me that deal with children, be it Sunday school, nursery, Awana, deaf camp. I am comfortable with children, less with adults.
8. Another defining moment was when God called us to adopt our youngest. I had been around families that adopted, including my own. I knew I would love Shega but little did I realize how much. When they placed her in my arms there was overwhelming love for her that was THE Same as when they placed my newborns in my arms. Gave me a little understanding of how God loves us as adopted children.
9. I love to walk.
10. I love all things Disney.
11. I am planning a trip to Disneyland for the family in a few years.
12. I love the beach. It is my favorite place. Too long without the beach and I have a craving. The smell, the sound, the sight. The love of chocolate is close to that of the beach...close.
13. I am married to my best friend. Which means he can tell me things in truth and love that I don't always want to hear!
14. Working at Nike started me down the road to coffee. And hands down, I prefer Starbucks.
15. I never ever expected to have to have back surgery but I did and try as I might other solutions, it was the only solution. I will have consequences of that for the rest of my life.
16. I love my children, all six of them, soon to be seven. God has blessed me abundantly.
17. I have seven, soon to be eight grandchildren. There was a time when I didn't think we would have any and I was very jealous of those who did. Then in three short years..Boom, there were 7!
18. I never wanted to be a working Mom and didn't want my girls to be either. But I am so thankful for my Mom. She cared for my kids for a few hours a week when I had to be at work. Now I am thankful I can do it for my grandchildren.
19. I grew up on a farm and raised sheep for a 4-H project. My brothers had pigs.
20. Once my Dad gave me a choice of picking walnuts or cleaning the pig pens. I chose the pig pens.
21. I love to read, knit, crochet, scrapbook, and sew. Hmmm, introvert hobbies?
22. I will never have an empty nest unless God takes Shega home. God knows me better than I know me.
23. I am busy but loving what I am doing now. I love being home with Shega and grandchildren.
24. I wish, sometimes, I had gone to college and become a teacher. I love to teach and seeing the light go on in kids. When I homeschooled I loved it when my kids "got" reading and math and excited about science. I love watching my grandmunchkins do puzzles, say new words, sign a new sign, or ask questions and have curiosity, or see them at an aquarium, or even just at home learning something new. I love it when Shega learns a new crochet pattern and takes off herself. One of my favorite memories is being the chaperone for Jason and Jer's oceanography class trip to the tide pools and seeing them make discoveries. We even saw an octopus in a tide pool!
25. I HATE meetings. When I worked at Nike I would schedule mammograms or dentist appointments during known meeting times to avoid meetings!

IF you got through all, you are brave!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the gift of you! We are so alike, I have one to do this week from Ren,I'm working on it