Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I go to the sea....

I go to the sea to BREATHE!!! It's a craving for me every few months, to go to the sea, to look, to listen, to Breathe! Today was the day. It's spring break in Oregon and usually we camp for the week at the beach. But not in the past few years. Today we kept the tradition but only for a day trip. We took three delightful grandmunchkins with us.

This is the end of the day but we reached the sea. We made a stop at Cape Meares Lighthouse because it has a great overlook and the grey whales are running so we hoped to see some spouts. We didn't, but it's still a great view.

We started the day at McDonald's for breakfast and then a drive to Drift Creek to hike into Drift Creek Falls. There is a fun, and High! suspension bridge right by the falls after a mile and half hike and we thought the grandmunchkins would get a kick out of both. We also wanted to burn some of their boundless energy! Here they are ready to go! It is the Northwet and true to form, it was wet! My granddaughter asked at one point if we were in a rain forest. We didn't have rain gear for them so we improvised. They stayed dry but definitely not clean!

Little Miss hiked the entire mile and half into the falls by herself and most of the way out too! She fell, not once, but three times, face down into mud puddles, got up and kept on truckin'.

It was muddy and it was wet but it was a great hike! The goal! Drift Creek Falls!

The way to get across Drift Creek to see the falls: a high suspension bridge!

Three of our adorable grandmunchkins having a good day. We ended the day at the Tillamook Cheese factory for ice cream cones.


  1. I love the picture of everyone in their rain gear!

  2. Breathtaking scenery! Your oldest didn't look very thrilled with the rain gear. ;) BUT in the end they were all darling and CLEAN - not sure how they could be that clean after having a fabulous day hiking and it being rainy and muddy.

    A perfect day to remember. :)

  3. Beautiful shots and even more beautiful with the grands... what great fun...

  4. I forgot to comment on your earlier post but I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the sweater you made for the little boys. Could I pay you to make one for Donovan? I can't find anything like that in the stores. You are super busy, so you can totally say no, and I would understand completely. Its worth at least $20 to me which at least buys you 4 coffees at Starbucks ;)