Friday, April 3, 2009

We're eating tonight!

Meet my husband, the best fisherman I know! We had fresh salmon two weeks ago and we're having it again this weekend! He doesn't like fish, but I do, as do many of the family, and he's very happy to oblige our cravings. He feels about fishing like I feel about knitting or sewing or scrapbooking.

It was on one such Friday, a couple of years ago, that he was fishing for sturgeon. He had the bigwigs of some company call him on his cell with a problem. He was happy to talk to them on his day off during his leisure time, Until the pole bent. He cut them off mid sentence with "fish on" and hung up. He landed the fish and the story has circulated since. One of the ladies in the room saw the expressions of those round the table and later got my husband a hat that said "fish on". I have been crocheting and knitting and should have something to post in the next few days but until then...cute grandmunchkins..all 7 of them!

I love this picture! The oldest and youngest in my son's family. He's 13 and wonderful to his little sister.

I had the privlege of being invited to a concert last night at my grandchildren's school. The concert was the first and second graders singing tunes from raffi, Sesame Street, and Disney. My first grade grandson and second grade granddaughter were performing. I throughly enjoyed the evening and left with a grin on my face. How could I not? I mean really, two great kiddos with great enthusiasm so close to my heart performing music that's sure to make you smile. My granddaughter, after they performed Mickey Mouse March looked over at me (she knows I'm a Disney fan) and I gave her the thumbs up which prompted her to give me a big grin! What fun!

My daughter had triplets but as with our twins, I don't see them as a group. Within months they were individuals and have different personalities. So I give you a glimpse of three little people:

Little R is asking, "What's this" but the way she does it is, "DIIIIIIIIIIISSS????" and yes, it is very loud and very long!
This little guy is like the little girl of nursery rhyme lore with the curl in the middle of her forehead, very very happy or very unhappy. Most of the time he's a happy loving little boy.
And then there is his brother. Also happy most of the time but I was able to get a shot of a not so happy moment. He is in the crib being punished and he has learned something new, how to pout and do it so adorably that you have to walk away or you'll burst out laughing at the cuteness of it. Which would defeat Mommy and Daddy's goal of breaking him of it. At least we got pictures before he is broke of it, assuming he will be.


  1. First of all, I most definitely expect my "share" of dinner! We are having leftovers tonight - about all the energy I have left! Second, what do you mean "assuming" Mom and Dad break him of it?!!!!!! Trust me, we will break him,'cause it won't be so cute when he is 13! AAAAAND, I am stubborn that way!

  2. Oh, but you can bet it will come back out for the ladies when he is older! This is great, I love listening to the class programs! I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall (in the meeting)when he hung up that phone!
    Those three...The seperate personalities shine thru the expressions and photos!

  3. Larry said if you have leftovers he would love some....