Monday, April 13, 2009


What a wonderful Easter celebration we had! The whole family together for church and then dinner at our house after! Our church has a breakfast and then an Easter egg hunt for the little ones before the service. It was the first egg hunt for the three youngest grandchildren and it was a good thing their Mommy had trained them in what to do. Lots of kids, lots of parents, lots of grandparents in a small space and no room for Mommy and Daddy to hold their hands through it. Little W goes nowhere without his T-double ga-rrrr (tiger in Tigger language). We've even taken to spelling it that way if he doesn't have it so as not to alert him it's missing or it's been put away until nap time.

We're not into gently placing the eggs yet. They are tossed into the bucket. Perhaps because they are so used to seeing egg salad made by banging the eggs on the counter.

Whew! That was hard work~

Ahhh, look how that candy sparkles!

Now presenting all 7 of our grandmunchkins in their Easter finery!

I love you little sister! Moments like this I hope will not be more rare as they grow up. My own children don't show much affection but their words to each other show they care.

A family shot per request of the Mommy/photographer/scrapbooker of the family. I love this picture and what can be read into it.

Before I go...a shot of the Easter dress I made for Miss S. Looks much better on her than on just the hanger! My daughter said, that although the dress was beautiful, the cape really made the outfit. I think that was a nice compliment....I think?
That's just Easter at church! Stay tuned for pictures of Easter dinner and another egg the pouring rain! Fun times.

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  1. It was a compliment. I love the dress - the shawl added to it. Both of your hobbies went together well!