Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's criminal to have sooooo much fun!

Hi! Welcome to our family outing! We all went to the Children's Museum in honor of Auntie S's birthday. Our family likes to DO something for Auntie S's birthday so she can have fun too. Come with me and I'll show you around! This is Graypa and me playing in the water in the Waterworks section. I think this was everyone's favorite place and if it hadn't been for the Mommys and Daddys we would have stayed there all day.

Graypa loves to entertain his grandmunchkins. He got a dollar's worth of nickels and let all of us, even Auntie S, take turns rolling them in the coin thingy. We were fascinated and entertained. Daddy said that the museum probably would have let us do that all day for free and not even have had to pay to go into the museum.

There was an area to play with clay. Auntie S made a bowl but she needed Graypa's help. She said this and the water were her favorite places in the museum.

Great Grandma went too and she had as much fun as we kiddos. She liked playing with the puppets and making my cousins laugh.

Graypa and my family playin' with clay. We could have stayed here a long time too. We missed story time because we were too busy creating. That's ok, we try and go to the library for story time each week.

Being a Graypa, he can do things we can't, like drop the clay from high up. R was in awe at Graypa's ability. She was watching as if to say: "Graypa, you can DO that?"

Auntie S had a good time for her birthday. B made her laugh in the waterworks.

Great Grandma stole the toys from us little people. She wanted to have fun too but W didn't want to share. He played with the green water can for a long time once Great Grandma gave it back.

Auntie S is going to be 22. The future is lookin' up for her now that she's learning to read and she has such a great family that loves her so much.

Thanks for stoppin' by. I've gotta run now. We had a picnic lunch outside in the beautiful spring sunshine but there's still half a museum to explore. They have a shopping area and construction area and Bob the Builder is in a special exhibit! See you later! Granny will be back later this week.

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  1. What a wonderful happy day!! Am sure Auntie S will remember it forever and ever.