Friday, April 10, 2009

they gotta be running scared!

The fish that is! My husband and son are just "bringin' home the bacon" week after week! Bet the salmon are glad the springer season ends Sunday! (springer season is the salmon fishing season in the spring and usually the salmon are called springers) This is my husband's second salmon in as many days. Guess what we're having with the ham for Easter dinner? This is our eldest son, by 29 minutes, and he's become his Dad's right hand fishin' buddy. Or "bishin'" buddy in our two year old granddaughter language.

Dad put the first one in the boat today but the grasshopper above still says his is the biggest of the season. Ahhh, gotta love fishermen!

By the way, as a matter of just is Bobmas Eve! Ravelry turns two tomorrow! My daughter and I are having fun with this. I celebrated by buying some yarn, of all places, at the Dollar Store! They had a bin of Lion Brand Yarn fun fur for a dollar a skein. I bought a bunch to use as trim on grandkiddos clothes.

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  1. So are ya having salmon for dinner today? Wow, those are huge...

    Happy Easter and have a great day...