Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The sun has been shining on the Northwet and the flowers are blooming. My Daphne is in bloom and the scent wafts across the deck when the breeze blows. I've spent the last few days on the deck drinking in the sun and sights and scents of spring.

SPRING FEVER IS HERE! And excitement is running high.

Actually her enthusiasm is from the jumping and wiggling done during the library story time. My daughter and daughter (in law) took the little ones to their first story time at the library. I got to go along as the doting grandmother and chief (and only) photographer. Both jobs I enjoy immensely.

This little one is also enthused. She is saying "diiiisssss". Translation? Look at all the books on the table!!!

While we're waiting for the story to begin we'll enjoy some books on our own. I love it that all of my kids are readers and they are training my grandmunchkins to be as well.

They said to be involved with your child in story time. I think their Mommy is enjoying it as much as they are! I enjoyed it! Today was "silly" day and the stories, songs, and fingerplays were just that...silly!

After story time it was time to explore the playground at the park. There is a pint sized play structure, just right for pint sized people!

Little people play in their way and I play in my way. I think I have more to show for my play times than they do and I don't tend to be cranky or need a nap after my play times.

I posted my granddaughter's Easter dresses a few weeks ago. I'm so glad I finished them when I did because on the next sewing project my machine decided it needed some time in the shop and has been resting there for over two weeks now! I miss her badly but glad she's getting the needed rest since she's going to be working overtime when the wedding gets closer.

The Easter dresses were spring like and it doesn't look like this sunny spring weather is going to hang around to celebrate Easter with us. So....I made capes/shawls for the girls to wear over their dresses. Remember at the first of the post when I said I was spending time on the deck smelling the daphne? Well, I was also crocheting! This is an old pattern. I made one for my daughter when she was little and handed down the shawl and lost the pattern. Low and behold, someone gave me their old stash of craft magazines and it was in there! I'm holding on to this copy!

Front and back view of the shawl/cape for the 8 year old and below is the front and back view of the one for the 2 year old. A very fast crochet project since it's all double crochets. And it used up quite a few skeins of stash sport weight. You change the size by changing the hook size.


  1. That spring fever photo is one of the best ever! You can just feel her enthusiasm!

    And Debby you are so blessed with your family.

  2. I envy your sun shine! (remind me of that when its 98 and 98% humidity with no rain LOL) Isn't it amazing how God puts people or things in our paths that were ment to be? What are the odds you would have been gived the pattern you needed. All in his plan! God is good!

  3. We only attempt story time during the summer after an hour of pure running. The librarians are a little more patient when the sun's out!