Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Grief!

I compiled my list of projects to complete by the end of May. There's a wedding coming up and beginning June 1st that will probably be my focus. SO.MUST.COMPLETE.THESE. Before May 31st. Actually May 30th, since the bridal shower is May 31st. Which just reminded me of the dish cloths for the shower I forgot to add to the list...oh, I'm feeling faint.
This is the shawl I'm intending to wear to the wedding. Beautiful shawl, fun to crochet, but rather naughty right now and it's in time out. I'm hoping for an answer from a ravelry group that's doing the CAL for this and the few that have finished it. See, you need a certain number of repeats to add the edging and you need an even number of shells to complete the edging. I've got the length I want at the end of this repeat but an uneven number of shells and I'm in a quandry. 20 more rows would make it too big, ripping back 20 rows would make it too small. As I said, it's in time out.

This will be complete by Sunday so Miss S can wear it to church. It matches the flowers in a skirt she has. It was supposed to be done for Easter. Yes, well (insert appropriate excuses here).

Ahhh, yes, the dreaded second sock syndrome. The above is on dpns and the below on magic loop. I just completed a class on magic loop and can't decide which I like better. I'm leaning towards magic loop but there is something gratifying about knitting in public among non-knitters with 5 itty bitty pointy metal needles and seeing the looks on faces and hearing the questions. It also says, "Don't mess with me" to my sons.

This is truly sad. I've had this dish cloth in my bag for easy pick up and knit whenever I'm in the need of pick up and go. It's been months, really, months. The last time I knit on it was at the Guild meeting 2 months ago. Maybe a bridal shower will spur me on?

And this is where it gets scary. I said I'd sew up 20 gift bags for WWKIP day. Very doable, very easy. But NO sewing machine! It's been almost 8 weeks that the shop has been promising, "it will be fixed this week". I was fed up last week and asked if I should come in and get it and take it elsewhere. They had one more part to put in and it should be fixed. I'm not sure I'll be a repeat customer! At least I questioned the price and it hasn't gone up.

Another scary photo. Projects to be on the needles soon and finished by the end of May? And I only put one representative ball for each project!

And the never ending scary part of my "to do" list. probably will always be there. Haunting me, lurking, popping up, literally, when I don't want it to. But, again, there's a wedding coming up.
And I didn't even bother to put up Miss S's picture. She is also a work in progress with her daily reading exercises and her projects. And then there are the grandmunchkins and I won't go there!

So in the interest of sanity and good relations with my family I've made a new promise. To check the computer in the morning, the various things I check: blogs,including my own, ravelry, the bank accounts, facebook, and email, and then OFF it goes. It is a huge time waster and I don't have it to waste. Stay tuned for FO's rather than WIP's!!!

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  1. Wow! now thats a list! YOUCANDOIT!!!!
    The green will look beautiful on Shega!
    List and place know you'll get everyting done......sewing buttons on the way to church?