Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Baskets

Today is May 1st. May Day. It is a day to leave beautiful May Baskets with spring flowers on someone's door step. May Day has another meaning, as in MAY DAY or HELP!! 30 years ago today, at 5:47pm and 6:14pm, two of the most precious May baskets were left in our family. They have delighted us, challenged us, made us laugh, and made us so grateful to be their parents. And, on more than one occasion, we have used the other definition for MAY DAY, MAY DAY, while raising them! The one holding the football is the older by almost a half hour. That half hour made him "the firstborn son" and he has held that over his brother's head over the years. All in good natured fun. They are identical and so very close and similar. I don't know that I can remember them having a fight, ever. They've shared words but it was very short lived.

The candles are lit and blown out for each of them.

The self appointed carrier of the cake.

Daddy needed a little help. See the marks in the frosting? S tried to sign something after the first set of candles were blown out and almost dropped the cake! She grabbed it with her hand. Ummm, Missy, you need hands to sign and to carry the cake! You have to choose which one!
It struck me, yet again, after the party was over, how blessed my grandchildren are. They had not one, but two sets of Great Grandparents there tonight. And not great grandparents that couldn't or wouldn't play with them but Did and enjoyed it. Here is my Mom pushing little ones on the swings. She also blew bubbles with them and laughed at their antics. My Dad fed them his cake and ice cream.

And my husband's Mom, though she didn't play with them, enjoyed just watching them play. All of the kiddos gave their great grandparents hugs before they left and all of them ate that up. I hope they're around for many more years because they truly are a blessing.


  1. Love the pictures of all 4 generations! I was fortunate enough to have great-grandparents into my late teens, and grandparents well into my 40s; and so are my children. I hope yours are as lucky!

  2. Oh how wonderful! I remember May poles in school growing up in Calif...Larry parents live less than a mile from us so Isaiah knows them well, I have photos but not as many as I should have!