Monday, May 25, 2009

Wow, what a weekend!

Ahhhh, almost as good as the beach...almost. Life has been a little prickly lately, a few thorns in my life and God provided some respite. We went to the Columbia River Gorge on Saturday to hike part of the old highway and see the renovated Moser Tunnels. After that it was a BBQ at my Uncle and Aunt's cabin. I found a rock in their yard and sat and looked at this view and knit the afternoon away. Again....ahhhhhhh. But first a family hike. My three brothers, a sister in law, a nephew, a niece, my parents, and my husband and daughter made the 2 mile round trip hike. But in that short two miles what we saw~
Wildflowers in bloom everywhere!

The view of the Gorge!

And finally, the tunnels.

Inside the tunnel was this note carved by snowbound travelers in 1921 that didn't think they were going to make it out.

On Sunday we joined with family again for an impromtu BBQ. It was our son's idea and plans. Kudos to him for a great idea! Another ahhhhh moment I needed.

There was eating and reading in the backyard swing.

And then a fire in the backyard for sitting and chatting beside.

And a fire just begs for marshmellows to be both older and younger alike.
Roasting it to a perfect brown. And Graypa helped out lemondrop with her first marshmellow roast.

I can't tell which is sweeter...the marshmellow or the "lemon drop".
And now! It's nose to the grindstone! I've got a slide show to get ready for our son's wedding. And the first picture for his part will be this:

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  1. So happy to catch up with you and your family again. It's good to have my computer repaired and I'll be around more!

    Thank you for posting the link to the bolero - you know that I have a Miss B that I think will look darling in that! :)