Monday, June 1, 2009

Back in the sew of things.

I was sooooo very happy to hear that my sewing machine had been repaired! For almost 3 months we have been calling (nagging) the repair shop. Questioning (lamenting) when and if it could be fixed. And I had volunteered to sew gift bags for WWKIP day, 20 of them! Finally the call came. They had had to even send it to a special Bernina repairman who wasn't surprised that the shop that promised they could fix all brands couldn't. The joy quickly diminshed when I asked the cost of the repair. I had to ask twice. But it was a top of the line Bernina when I bought it so the repair bill was better than a new machine!

First up? Those bags for WWKIP day...20 of them. Add 6 more for shower prizes and a gift. And that makes 29 in all. Apparently I don't add well when it comes to sewing projects because I made 29. Serious stash busters! They cost me $2 in ribbon and the rest was scraps from other projects and batting leftover from quilts. The pattern was in a special Better Homes and Gardens publication that just came out for Bags, Pillows and Pincushions. This one was specially sewn for my sweet daughter in law to be. She likes shades of purple. I filled it with bath items and a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure.

Here she is. She will be a beautiful bride and she is beautiful inside as well. I don't know why this wedding is choking me up more than my daughter's or other son's, but it is.

We celebrated her bridal shower this weekend. My daughter gave it and true to form she did an amazing job. She has three little ones and an injured husband and she's out of work (could she take on any more?) so enlisted help.

Her aunt did the skit. Introduced as a make up artist and hired to do the make up for the wedding, she showed what she can do, or not do! (Those are not her arms! They are the arms of her daughter and friend, who cannot see what's happening in front.) We laughed until we cried.

Would YOU hire her to do YOUR makeup??

My daughter also enlisted the guests to design a wedding gown. Here are the results? Which would you pick?

I included this for no other reason than they both looked so pretty. And they are Aunt and Niece, not Mother and Daughter. Little R seems to like her Auntie J. And I didn't get a very good picture of my daughter at all at this shower. Just a very dark one. I am now kicking myself! I hope someone else did!

Ok, so I didn't have a picture of my daughter at the shower, a good one. But I think this one pretty much sums her up!

My daughter wisely asked Her aunt to do the decorations for the shower. They were wonderful! And mostly came from the Dollar Store. She has a knack for putting it together.
One of the guest tables:

The food table:

Another of the serving tables:

20 days and the last of my children will get married. Today he came by to get his graduation quilt for his new home with a wife. Both of my sons left the quilts at home when they moved out that their grammie made them for graduation until they got married. Pass the kleenex...actually pass the box!


  1. Oh Debby (((HUGS!)) Our son is getting married August 1st its killing me! His bride is also just wonderful but he will be her baby then! But, I'm so happy for him to find the match God planned for him...Those bags are wonderful! I love the color combos,

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for making those bags for WWKIP day, they are soooooo awesome! I've got my eyes on the rainbow polka dot one!