Monday, June 8, 2009

still sewin'

Just a quick post because I'm less than two weeks from my son's wedding day and there is SO much yet to be done! And my husband threw a wrench in the works with a 3 day road trip just to get away! Yikes! But the list is getting shorter. Here is one of the flower girls dresses..DONE! And one more to go but much smaller.
The ring bearer is going to wear a tux but my little almost two year old grandsons needed to be outfitted for the occasion so I made them vests and bow ties. Can't wait to see them all dressed up!
Now I'm off to sew a bit more and then pack. I did research the city we'll be staying in and there is a yarn shop and quilt shop!


  1. Those are going to be so cute! Please be sure and post photos? & the break? you probably need one! Look at you multi tasking forcing yourself to shop on your down time LOL lifes trials!

  2. Very nice looking. I did the same thing to myself when my first daughter married. When all is said and done, you take yourself a five day roadtrip!