Thursday, June 25, 2009

If you don't like weddings....

skip this post! But a wedding, and this one in particular because it's the last, is too big not to do a post about! And how often do I get my family dressed like this and all in one place at one time? At a wedding. And not just any wedding, our family wedding. I may be preudice but I think it's a great looking bunch and I love every one of them to pieces! And it's a good thing my shawl covered up my jacket because my buttons were busting!

Our daughter was the coordinator for the wedding. Ahem, actually we referred to her as the dictator, the grunt, the go to person, the jack of all trades. Her job description also included fixing the groom's tie. Something she hadn't done before and can now include on a resume. Actually the whole coordinator job description reads like that of a Mom! I love the sibling picture though.

I posted the pictures of the dresses but to get the full effect the dresses are made much cuter when on the little girls. The girls make the dresses. I was so proud of my grandmunchkins on this day. Our goal was to make the day special for the bride and groom and the grandmunchkins seemed to have that goal as well judging by the way they acted.

The only picture I got of Miss R wearing the dress I made for her and this was after the wedding when she was tired and had had a few strawberries! Miss S caught the bouquet and she was so proud of that! She didn't put it down for the rest of the day. When we tore down the back drop she had the bouquet in one hand and the drill in the other! Pretty funny.
A few portions of the family in their individual family shots. My daughter and son (in law) with their three adorable busy almost two year olds. Hence the "busy"! But all but Miss R are once!!!

My son, not the one that got married this day, although when the groom got tired he could have requested his stand in double. The family and the bride would have known the difference however! Another all smiling all looking at the camera! Wow, how did that happen in two families on the same day?

The reception room and cake were beautiful. The bride and her mom basically did this room while we did the santuary. Great team work! Can't you just read this little guy's mind: "When do I get a piece of that cake. Think they'd miss a little lick of the frosting?" And it wasn't your typical wedding was really yummy! And it looked good enough to eat!

It's over! And Mr. B's actions spoke for the rest of us!


  1. Oh Debby, how BLESSED! Those are great photos! Your family is so much like ours, possibly thats why I'm a bit confused...did you say you gained another grandaughter by marriage? And Miss S, just looked beautiful! love that she caught the boquet!

  2. Yes, we did get another granddaughter by marriage and we didn't even realize until that night that she wasn't in the family photo! Ugh...still kicking ourselves!

  3. Beautiful and fun pictures. The little dresses are very cute on. Sometimes it does take a little body to fill them out and show them to their best potential.
    Miss S. congratulations on catching the boquet, now put it up and do not get any ideas to rush into anything:)
    Enjoy your new granddaughter and forgive your oversite. How old is she?

  4. Left you an award on my blog!