Saturday, June 20, 2009

a couple of FO's

The biggest FO this week was getting my son married! Which meant sewing and decorating and crocheting...oh my! This is one of many pictures of the big FO. My husband built the structure for the back drop for the wedding and then it was up to us to decorate it. A very successful FO that turned out beautifully. The flowers were the pots from out back deck that I plant every year. But this year the flowers were all lavender or purple or white to match the wedding! I just loved the backdrop it provided for the wedding!

And of course, there were dresses for the flower girls that I got to sew! Here is the dress for the 8 year old.

And for the almost 3 year old!

And though the almost 2 year old wasn't part of the wedding, she and her brothers needed something special to wear too! So I picked up fabric and got to work. She looked adorable!

I crocheted a shawl for me. My daughter picked out the pattern and said it would be perfect for the wedding. I caved and thought I could surely get it done in time and there was a CAL on ravelry to provide support. After almost 5 months and a few very early morning sessions, as in crocheting until 2:30 am, it was completed on time and my husband said it looked "classy".

And if the wedding wasn't enough, I joined a hat swap on ravelry. The hat had to be in the mail by, you guessed it, the day of the wedding! The hat is the Marley hat from Itty Bitty Hats. I used leftover Dream in Color classy and mailed it off just before the wedding! I included two little books for the swap partner's little daughters, the leftover yarn, and a knitting bag.

Loved this hat and I'll be doing several more!


  1. The shawl turned out beautiful!!!! Aren't you glad that I found you an "easy" pattern?! LOL As for the hat - at least three more - no frill on the top for the boys, please?!!!! I just want you to have more FO's to post for your blog!

  2. Oh I know you must be thrilled about the wedding! The day my son got married - ah the emotions.

    Love the hat - it's darling!

  3. Wow, what sweet daughters! One a beautiful modelfor an awesome shawl, another to find the pattern & place hat requests to keep your hands busy! LOL