Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I go to the sea...to take pictures of hand knits???

Yep! I usually go to the sea to BREATHE...but yesterday it was to take pictures of hand knits. No kidding. Well, ok, just kidding. I did go to the sea to breathe, to listen, to look, to soak it in. I love the beach. More than chocolate. But! I went to the sea and what a great place for a photo shoot. A photo shoot of hand knits and three two year olds!Behold! Another Duck Soup! In the biggest size, although it wouldn't be hard to size it up some more. Great, fun, fast knit. This is my second and the third and fourth ones are alreay on the needles. Knit out of Knit Picks Swish Bulky.

I didn't think I'd like the hood detail but it really adds to the sweater. This sweater has been done for a few months but I was waiting for the beach trip we've been trying to do for a few months to get the picture.

And this is my hat from my swap partner. She read on my ravelry page that I loved purple so she made it all things purple. It fits the little Miss perfectly and is so much better than what I could have come up with...I think. I love it and although Miss R was the model, she became the new owner as well. Her Mommy loved it too.

So, now that the hand knits are out of the way, let's get to the important stuff...like three little people that just turned two.
Come on down! Nonny took our two year portraits at the beach. Just a few, like 150 of them. We'd show you all 150 but the server would crash so here's just a sampling..... This is my brother. My older brother by two minutes.

This is my oldest brother by three minutes.

And a group shot...Mommy loves the beach too, just like Nonny and that smile wasn't just for the camera! She had the beach and wee three. She was just missin' Daddy for a perfect day.

We made a stop before we headed for the photo shoot. Needed some energy and we'd never been here before. We watched them make cheese and then we tasted some.

After watching them make cheese and sampling, there was no way we were sittin' still for a picture. I mean, come on! There's sand and rocks to explore!And water! Don't forget the water! I'm more of a bathtub temperature kind of gal so the water wasn't to my liking. But my brother loved it! Even though it was coooooold! But Mommy and Nonny seemed to think we did pretty well. So they rewarded us with our first ever ice cream cones. Really I think they were so thrilled to be at the beach again and especially with us that they overlooked the wouldn't sit still part.
Pesky ice cream cone kept dripping so I kept having to wipe the table. I don't like coooooold water, dirty sand, or drippy ice cream. I must always look presentable for my public.
My brother had no such problems.
Neither did my other brother.
Fantastic day! My brother wants to head back real soon!


  1. Corbin has the same look on his face when we get coconut milk ice cream for the kids (no milk at our house). He doesn't like the cold.

  2. Wonderful PHOTOS!!!! I loved the last one! But, when you have such cute subjects it makes it easier! I remember touring that cheese factory a llllllong time ago. That was one of our favorite areas to visit. Glad you had some down time after all the activity these past few weeks! Miss S look wonderful as ever!

  3. HA HA! My security word was Hugged!

  4. I just love your grandkid pictures! You are so blessed.

    Sweater is GREAT! I dont think I have you marked as a friend on Ravelry yet, so am headed there to do that now. I've got to mark that sweater and get one on the needles!!!