Sunday, July 12, 2009

Turn out the lights...the parties are over!

It was great fun while it lasted but it was A lot to pile in just three days! Five birthdays in 2 days. Three days of go, go, go, party, party, party. Here is the birthday bunch...5 birthdays in 2 days! And we still haven't celebrated the three youngest birthdays. Good thing they're TWO since they won't remember that on their actual day they got a special breakfast and was off to celebrate Great Grandma's 75th.

We celebrated 7 years first. He's into army and camo and all that stuff right now. His Mommy is a great party planner and really does well with their cakes depending on what they are "into" at the time. So! Face paint, an army cake, and ammo party wear!

Ahem, his uncle is acting 7 years old in the picture! Or younger....

We next celebrated my Mom's 75th birthday! We went with a Mickey Mouse/Disney theme because you're never too old to love Mickey Mouse. And yes, she wore the ears all day!
Five of the six siblings gathered for the occasion which made the day even more special. They look pretty young and healthy to me!

And all of my siblings made it. I can't recall the last time we would have been able to get this picture or when it will happen again! We're a good group together...lots of laughs and poking fun at each other's foibles.

Blow out the candles on the Mickey icon cake designed and baked by my sister. She's an ebay aholic and found Mickey sprinkles and candle holders! 75 candles is a whole lot and it's good to have lots of help.

And only two years later we finally get a four generation picture!

I think one of the BEST property improvements we ever made was installing a play structure. It is well loved by all of our grandmunchkins and gives graypa and granddaughter fun times together.

And if two birthday parties in two days wasn't enough...throw in the Jam Festival! The 5th year our church has held this festival. There was sliding for the young....

and young at heart!

Face painting for the little 'uns....

and not so little 'uns! And this not so little 'un won one of the raffle baskets! It fits our family to a's a nut lovers basket and since we're a bunch of nuts it's perfect!
Are we done now?

I think so!

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