Monday, August 10, 2009

how much fun can you pack into

a short weekend? It was the annual church family campout and we signed up many weeks ago and paid. If it had not been for our daughter and son and their families still wanting to go, we would have stayed home. As it was, I'm glad we went. Many parts of it hurt as a vital link was missing and I wondered how I could enjoy camping for the next 30 years and not have him there to make new memories with. It didn't help either, that our Pastor in his message at "church" preached on grief. I'm not ready for many parts of grief yet and although I love our Pastor and it was a good message, it was too soon for me.

And now I will focus on the happy times of the weekend. We had unusual "neighbors". This little family was forced up the tree by the dog in the next camp site. Mommy Coon tried to come down at one point and take on the protective doggy and both left licking wounds. Later that night protective doggy was pulled away from the tree and Mommy and crew came down. Our daughter decided to celebrate the two year olds birthday, belatedly, at the campground. So in a fit of finishitis I finished their gifts before we left for camping. Never mind that their birthday was a month ago. This is a "road" for them to drive their cars on. My sons had one and played with it many years. This one is much nicer since I now have Heat and Bond at my disposal. My sons' was made with felt and glue and sharpy markers. This was fabric and dimensional paint. They played with it when they got home and had to be drug off for baths!

My two year old granddaughter got a rag doll just like her cousin did last year. She liked the doll but was more taken with the "quackie" button on the pocket (translation: duck button).

We're camping right? So, what better birthday cake is there than a s'more? And with Mickey candles? Huge hit for the little ones, and the rest of the campers too! And easy on Mommy since everyone made their own!

The three two year old Mouseketeers. We're teaching them young.

Our campsite backed into the playground. What a great place to camp if you've got little ones. The babysitter/entertainer is right out your back door.

And no matter how short the camping trip, the traditional hot dog roast is a must. My husband and son are slow cookers and turners and roast hot dogs as a fine art. So glad my husband cooks mine!

Plenty of bike riding too!

And we came home exhausted!
We camped at the beach but I didn't take the camera to the beach this time. I just wanted to play and enjoy the sea air and the sand beneath my toes and the waves. Sometimes it's better that way. I taught my grandson to jump waves, laughed at my granddaughter avoiding the water because it was cooooold (it wasn't bad), laughed at my daughter jumping in the waves, enjoyed watching my son try and get his kite up, watched my grandson dig up sand crabs to show off and then let them go so we could watch them bury themselves, and laughed when my granddaughter and grandson fell in the waves only to come up and go for more. It felt good to bury the grief for a brief time. I've asked God for peace and He gives it to me in small doses.


  1. Glad you were able to enjoy yourselfg and find some Peace. Love the road map for the boys, the doll looks cute, have to post another (better) pic!

  2. Its sounds like a very restful time, with plenty to smile about.

  3. I have been neglecting my blogs and was very saddened to read of your recent loss. The pain can truly be overwhelming at times, what a blessing to know your beloved one is safe in Heaven and you will one day be reunited with him. May God continue to wrap his arms of love around bringing you peace and comfort each and every day.