Monday, August 3, 2009

The princess is 3

Birthdays are supposed to be times to celebrate, laugh, have fun, especially when the birthday girl is only turning 3. We did all of that, but underlying the festivities was intense pain and following the celebration were tears and aches. Because this little princess didn't have her Daddy there. Her Graypa tried but he could barely hold back the tears until she left. She was beautiful in her crown and her special surprise dress.
She loves "Dora" and all things "Dora" and wanted her birthday cake to have "Dora" on it. Her Mommy loves to decorate cakes and did a great job fulfilling her request. Little Princess saw her cake and was thrilled to see Dora there.

Blow them out baby girl! Although I guess you aren't such a baby anymore.
I've been forcing myself to keep busy when I'd much rather just wander or sit in a fog. Perhaps it's a good thing there are so many birthdays this time of year since it forces me to get gifts done. I made these quilts for the Little Princess and her sister, as well as matching curtains to give their room a face lift. Their Mommy had requested it months ago and it took me this long to get my act together and finish the quilts. The curtains and quilt tops have been done for some time. I like the quilts but wish I had quilted them differently. Or more quilting. I don't like the effect of the quilt after the quilting. I love the pattern however, and will be using it again. It was fun to do and fairly simple (minus the applique!).


  1. I love the quilts! They are so pretty. I'm sorry that it was so hard. My heart just breaks for Savannah not having her Daddy on her birthday and every other day. You guys are constantly in my mind and prayers being whispered up all day long.

  2. Just came over to see how you are doing. I think of you every day and pray for healing for all of you.
    The quilts are very pretty and it is so good to have a happy day for Savannah.
    Continued prayers for all of you.