Sunday, August 30, 2009

swapin' hats

I've been busy, busy, busy. But only a few things to actually show pictures of. That's because I've been caring for grandmunchkins again while Mommy works and I've been scrapbooking. But I've also been doing a little knitting and sewing. More sewing than knitting of late. I need to stay busy. There is less time for thinking, remembering, aching, even though I still do plenty of that. Someone gave me a placque that is the new family motto:
One Day at a Time.
I joined a swap before the tragedy hit our family. Another hat swap from the Itty Bitty Knits group on ravelry. We were all to knit the Olive You hat from Itty Bitty Hats (love that book) and send to a swap partner. This time though the swap partner didn't know who they were going to receive from. Here is my version. It is knit out of Rowan Classic Cashsoft DK and it is a new favorite! What a delight to knit with! I also made a small knitting bag and enclosed a skein of cotton yarn since my swap partner likes to knit dishcloths. The cotton was pumpkin orange since fall is but around the corner. This is about the 35th bag I've sewn using this pattern and I still love the bag and pattern. So much bag for sew little fabric! And I'm bustin' stash everytime I sew this bag.
This is the package I received from my swap partner! I love EZ's books and I especially want to knit the February Baby sweater from this book. And tea! Tazo tea! And when my Mom comes over or my sister I can offer them Good Earth. I've heard it makes a great sun tea so I'm going to give that a try.

Next up in my knitting schedule? SOCKS! For this little one. Ahem, I found her one day in my sock drawer and she was trying them all on. I have boring socks, lots of gorgeous sock yarn that has yet to be knit into socks. So she picked out the prettiest pair and proceeded to wear them the rest of the day. I've got to be a better knitting Nonny and get some hand knit socks on this one. She's like her Mommy and Nonny, loves socks, doesn't like shoes.

And my husband? What is he doing while I'm scrapbooking and sewing and knitting? He's fishing! With great success! Caught salmon 3 weekends out of 3! He's a keeper!

One Day at a time....


  1. A very useful family saying - "One day at a time".
    Its good to hear you are keeping busy. Enjoy making socks for that grand-daughter. She looks so cute!

  2. Keeping you all in prayer!
    They are growing so fast! She needs a hook or spindle of her own Nonny!I too have a basket of sock yarn, and n o socks! Have to find more time for me.
    Hubby is drooling over your fish, wish we were closer, "ahem" I'd help with the left overs

  3. Your sock story reminds me of Thursday when Olivia came out of a room wearing a pair I had knit for one of the kids and forgot I had them. Guess I should just give them to her. She loves to wear my knee high nylons when I have them. I let her take a pair home one day. They go all the way up to her thigh.
    I am so happy to see you busy and making it through one day at a time. Love the quilts. I just bought a Fons and Porter book thinking I should put a couple of little quilts together.
    Take care my friend, you are thought of often and prayed for by so many of us who care so deeply.