Thursday, September 3, 2009

Couldn't have done it without Mom

It started out very simply. My Dad requested I make a quilt for his cousin's first grandchild, a boy. I leafed through some quilting magazines I had for a simple quilt pattern that made use of my stash. I did not say abundant stash because I don't have an abundant fabric stash. Yarn,yes, fabric, no. So I found a simple pattern, Phoebe, in Fons and Porter Easy Quilts, Fall 2009. (Just so you know, all of the quilting magazines I buy have "easy" in the title.) This particular pattern is for a crib quilt and stated it could be completed in an afternoon. Ok, catch up the scrapbooking with the pictures I have and get started on Monday morning with the plan to have it finished Monday night while my gang is at their archery league. Then I get word there's an upcoming baby shower in our church. Ok, so it's an easy quilt, I have the stash. So do two. Then I asked my daughter if her boys needed quilts for the winter surmising they'd outgrown their baby quilts. Open mouth, insert foot. I'm now on the hook for 4. And I actually enjoyed them, until pulling a couple nights with less than 6 hours sleep to get them done. Today I called in reinforcements..My man the troops so I could pin and quilt them up. Not only did she entertain the troops, she brought me caffiene, a triple shot, so I could keep on going. And she said she had fun doing it! GO Mom!

And, drumroll please, here they are:

The quilt that started it all held by my trusty sidekick who is bound and determined to be given some of the credit. She did do some of my house cleaning this morning while I pinned and sewed so credit given in this close up shot. Although in fair disclosure, I was going for a close up of the blocks.Quilt number 2 for an upcoming church shower. It's a girl and I had some Strawberry Shortcake fabric to use up.Quilt 3, or 4. It's for a two year old grandson who's destined for a crib for only a bit longer. And Nonny is trying to warp, err, influence, their little minds to all things Disney, especially the Mouse.
The sidekick is getting a little more prounounced above the quilts.

Another Disney quilt for another grandson. Actually, he's also two and is the brother to the owner of quilt 3, or 4, above.

And now I'm off to fix dinner in my sparkling clean house with the clean sewing table and scrapbook table because there are no WIP's or projects on either...for now. The Ducks season opener is tonight and this girl is READY!!!! She was clapping and cheering when she saw the commerical for the game!
Football season is here. I knew it was going to be hard. It was my son's favorite sport to watch, to talk about, and be part of Fantasy Football. He would call me and fill me in on football or come over on a Sunday for some occasion and flip on the tv. He loved the Ducks. And I loved him. I miss him. How I miss him.

Plans for this weekend include a trip to my LYS for some yarn for a top for my little helper that I ordered several weeks ago. She picked the pattern and the yarn color. But before I can start that, it's going to be a WIP weekend. Finish 'em up, get 'er done. Nothing new on the needles. It's supposed to be rainy here and cool so perfect for knitting. Maybe some old movies. But nothing new on the needles, nothing new. There's two Duck Soups and two half finished pair of socks. Nothing new I tell you!


  1. **snort**I vote we start a pool as to how many new wip you start this weekend! ou chose great color combos. Isaia & evie both have new quilts connming, just have to find the right pattern. Shega looks good in yellow & green but....would lokk much better in IU"S Red & White!! LOL

  2. Aunt Debby, I love that pattern. Could you email it to me please? It looks great!! Good job and we are still praying for you guys each day. We love you and please know that Uncle Kerry is still welcome to come fishing down here. We would love to see you guys come visit.

  3. You have done so well to get all those quilts done. Your helpers certainly did work hard too.

  4. Debby,
    I love the quilts.
    I have been making some quilts lately as well.
    Check out the memory quilt I made for my daughter-in-law's upcoming shower.

    I have been reading your blog since we met though ravelry a couple of years ago and I love your work.

    As a mere acquaintance, I have not wanted to impose on your grief and have not commented on any of your posts about your recent tragedy.

    I would now like to say that my heart hurts for you.
    I am so sorry and can not imagine going though what you are going through.

    I have prayed and prayed for you and your family. I am sincerely sorry.

    If there is ever anything that a passing acquaintance can do to help, please let me know.

    I have thought and thought about what I could say, if and when I ever thought the time was right.
    No words seem good enough and I am sorry for that as well.

    God Bless

  5. What beautiful needle work you do.
    I loved reading your blog.
    I too lost a child, my second born , my first daughter in 1968 in a car wreck by a drunk driver.We will meet them again in Heaven .
    I lost my dear friend and husband 25 months ago and i know he and our daughter are walking all over heaven together.
    May God bless you,
    Elsie <><

  6. I just cannot believe how busy your hands always are! Absolutely love the quilts and the pattern lends itself well to fussy cutting. I might have to see if I can find something similar to start using all the fabrics I bought for Miss B!

  7. Wow, I guess it would be great if I learned to spell!

    *AHEM* My security word is persu