Thursday, October 8, 2009

I think I'm ready?

This weekend I am attending my first ever Women of Faith conference. Several women from our church have urged me to go especially given what has happened in our lives the last few months. The first encouragement I'm hearing is to go, the second? Bring kleenex! So I packed up the bag today since we have to be on MAX at 8:30am and I have a busy day ahead. Kleenex? Check. Tickets? Check. Kleenex? Check. Pain med for back? Check. Kleenex? Check. Starbucks card? Check. Kleenex? Check. (get the idea I took the kleenex recommendation seriously?)
Knitting? Now that presented a problem. I had my knitting ready to go. Simple stockinette on circular needles. THEN someone told me, "Sure, you can bring your knitting, but they turn out the lights." What now? NO way I can sit still, in a chair, for 16 hours, without something to keep my hands busy. Especially if it's emotional. No Way! The ONLY place I do not knit is the worship service at church. So I scrambled. And you will see in the picture the results of my scrambling. That's not the flash reflecting off the knitting needles and crochet hook...those are KnitLites. The needles light up! I only bought two sizes of the knitting needles and three of the crochet hooks. I just had to find projects that fit those sizes which wasn't much of a problem considering my yarn stash and project list and ages of grandchildren. So knitting? Check! A second shot of my bag contents. Except the tiger and "woof woof" are not going. W thought they should be included.
My husband is an amazing man. I already knew that but he is giving up his weekend to watch grandchildren so our daughter in law can go. That means diapers. He doesn't "do" diapers since our children. Should I give him a list of what NOT to feed our granddaughter to minimize "those" diapers? Yes, just because I am so grateful for what he is doing.


  1. Dang right you aren't taking the tiger and 'woof woof!' I wouldn't be able to console the poor boy without them. Although, he loves you enough, he might be willing to share in order to make Nonny quit crying!

  2. Debby I am so glad you are going! I"ve heard such amazing things from people that have gone to Women of Faith. And you are wise to bring Kleenex.