Saturday, October 3, 2009

A perfect day...almost

Hey there! We had a fantabulous day today! The whole family got together to celebrate our Auntie's b-day (a little early) and we went to the pumpkin patch! It was our first time! Come on, we'll show you around our adventure. The first thing we did was go through the corn maze. The corn was so high it seemed to touch the sky. We took a few wrong turns but we made it out before we got hungry or thirsty.
Our older cousins helped guide the way. There were "clues" to decipher as to whether to turn right or left. We couldn't read so we let them help us along. We just liked to run in the corn!

There was a huge hay stack to climb on....

and crawl under! We climbed clear to the top to look for the pumpkin patch. Guess you could say we had a difference of opinion as to which way it was.

We took a hay ride behind a Tractor to get to the pumpkin patch. It was our first time in a pumpkin patch and it was sooooo hard to decide. Our cousin had been before so she knew what to look for and found hers.

Auntie S loves pumpkins and pumpkin patches and she looked until she found what she thought was a perfect one.

Our sister thought pumpkins made a really good seat when her legs got tired. We tried that too at one point and she was right!

This is our uncle and aunt and cousin. They were just married a few months ago and guess what? They told the family today that they're going to have a baby. Nonny and Mommy cried but I think because they're happy this time. They've been crying a lot because they're sad. Maybe they're still a little sad but they said they are praying for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy...whatever That is! But if they're praying that then we will too.

There was lots to do at the pumpkin patch besides get pumpkins. There was a cow train that our auntie and cousin rode on, there was the hay ride and corn maze, there was a store where everyone bought corn, there was all kinds of food but Nonny and Graypa brought us a picnic lunch complete with cupcakes for our Auntie's b-day. And the place where we ate lunch? There were trees! Perfect for climbing! So much fun we had today!

Our sister summed it up for us:

Nonny will be back next time. She said something about looking at baby patterns and quilt patterns and not enough hours in the day.


  1. Hi Debby,

    I just found your blog through Ravelry. You are a beautiful writer. I sm so touched at the loss of your beautiful son. I feel compelled to write and tell you I am so sorry for you and your family and your loss. You will all be in my prayers. Please know you have an internet friend who sends you a hug and will pray for you all.


  2. Oh my goodness look at those hats and jackets - must have been COLD there! I just love going to the pumpkin patch and am looking forward to taking Brooklyn this year. You have such fun grands.

    Peace be with you dear one.

  3. So much fun. Was it Auntie S's birthday? Happy birthday to her!!