Monday, October 26, 2009

"The Sun did not shine,

It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house All that cold, cold, wet day. " But unlike Sally and her brother we don't have to wish for something to do. There is always plenty! And my poor blog was sadly neglected these past two rainy weeks as I was attempting to finish something! Everything seems to be a WIP. Miss S has no such problems. Perhaps she should write this blog? Here she is on the cold, cold, wet day, crocheting her umpteenth shawl for the Hospice.

Drumroll please as yet another heads off to someone in need of a warm hug.
I haven't been just sitting. I've been busy knitting, but sweaters take time when you're watching 3 two year olds every day. And I've been a little down. I needed to finish something so I started a few quick projects. One was trying my hand at amigurumi, or, easier to say, little crocheted toys. My grandmunchkins have a book that was their daddy's once upon a time. And hiding inside is a little bug named Goldbug. He's on every page, in the tank, the ambulance, the new car, and they can show you where he is because they've read the book again and again and again. I think I could show you where he is without searching. I thought it would be fun to make them their own goldbugs. My husband and daughter gave them the thumbs up and, more importantly, so did the grandmunchkins. Look a little like aliens don't they? (details on my ravelry page)Here is the original Goldbug that inspired these creations. Try as I might I couldn't get blogger to put him in the upright position but since he is all over the book in all kinds of situations it seems right he wouldn't be in a normal position in a blog post either.

A quick project for me usually involves sewing. We haven't done anything with Halloween since our children were very small but those children now have our adorable grandmunchkins and they do take part in the lighter side of Halloween. That being carving pumpkins, dressing in costumes, and trick or treating. So I made them all trick or treat bags. Really fun and quick to sew even though there were 8 of them. I used fabric paint for the words, my sewing maching to embroider their names, and cut out pumpkins from fabric and backed them with batting and fabric and sewed them right sides together, turned them, and painted faces on them.

The girls have the candy corn bags and the boys the pumpkin ones.

Obviously Mr W thinks my posed shot of the bags isn't as cute as the shots of him modeling them. I'd have to agree.

Last weekend was the annual retreat for our knitting guild. It was the second year I got to go and take classes and stay for the weekend. The first class on Friday was on entrelac. Something I'd never even attempted and I learned a great deal. Though I will rarely, if ever, use this technique, the class was very worthwhile. Saturday's 6 hours of classes were on neckline finishes. Round, square, v neck. I was exhausted by class end but what a wealth of information. Here is my square neck. We had to have samples done before the class and then added the finish.

As I said, I've been a little down. This path called grief one would suspect would plummet you to the valley floor and you would begin a steady upward climb. Not so. You plummet to the valley, climb a bit, only to plummet again, and again, and again. The plummets are spread apart more as time goes on, but they're still there. And you are caught unawares that you're about to plunge. Last week was like that for me. And my daughter. But once in awhile you set yourself up for a drop. This was one for me. This road was used by my sons. I have no pictures of them playing with it. But now my grandsons are playing with it and while that brings great pleasure, I miss the little boys that grew up and started it all.

Hopefully the next blog post won't be two weeks from now!


  1. What a lovely idea. Those Goldbugs are so sweet, no wonder your grandchildren love them.
    The bags are really good too. Little Mr W is very proud of his.

  2. Glad to see you back & sending hugs for you all thru cyber lines! Just when you start a to find a new balance it seems we are body slamned to the floor. Miss S bless her huge heart i think finds as much if not more comfort in the making as as the giving! Such a wonderful ministry! I love the Goldbugs & know the littles will also. Are they stashed for the holidays? I started a few Nugget Bunnys for Evie....a month ago! Have to finish those for Christmas!

  3. You are so creative with your Munchkins!

    If you are comfortable with it, would you send me your address (scrappygolden @ I have something I'd like to send to Miss S.

  4. Deb, I am glad you are keeping busy. I really wish there were some way to ease the pain. I am so sorry we cannot just snap our fingers and all would be right again.
    I love the shawls Miss S. is making. Her work is beautiful. I am sure it is good therapy for her too.
    I know you know there are so many of us out here who care. Hold tight, you will make it.