Saturday, October 31, 2009

We had quite a cast of characters!

It was Halloween after all so one would expect a cast of characters to show up at your doorstep. IF the light is on and there is candy! However! The Ducks were playing USC, which just might be THE game of the season so our son had everyone over for the game and the light was OFF and there was only candy for the football fans and the characters below. Which, in my non prejudice opinion were the cutest characters of all!
We had Snow White come to call. Don't recall the first Snow White carrying a football though. I thought she had an apple? Or a dust cloth or broom? This Snow White knows how her bread is buttered. It's by a Duck's fans so a football will get her farther!
Superhero Batman came to Auntie S's rescue in the puzzle department. Or was it Auntie S who was the superhero and helped with the puzzle?

The infamous unicorn! We found it! Of all places, right on our son's doorstep! THE unicorn is so much cuter than that of fairytale lore. If you look closely at the pictures we snapped, not so much this one, we discovered that unicorns love chocolate. That bit of information wasn't in the fairy tales.

Another superhero! Serious six pack abs. We found out his secret too. It's cookies! Imagine that.
A defender of our home and country. He was on a break from his latest mission so he had time to laugh with our family and enjoy some candy. He left his weapon in the car. He figured we were a safe place to let down his guard a bit. He might not have been so relaxed if the Ducks had been losing. The home may have been a little charged.
So, on Halloween, we were romanced with a bride, protected by superheros, took as step back to our childhood with a unicorn and a princess. We could not have done better.

We had a bride show up ready for her wedding day which is YEARS off but she believes in planning early and enjoying every girl's dream for a bit. She could enjoy the chocolate as well since she doesn't have to watch her waist line to fit into her beautiful dress.

And, drum roll please, another Duck Soup is finished. Seriously getting tired of these but they are such a hit. My daughter in law saw this one and wants a blue one. I will admit adding flowers to the little girl's Duck Soups added some interest. This one was knit out of KnitPicks Swish Bulky. Never to be used again. I have had nothing but problems with their supposed superwash wool products. They felt, they shrink, they pill (horribly) and look terrible after a few washings. We did find that pulling them out of the dryer before they are actually dry helps a bit. My sincere apologies to my daughter, but if she wants this sweater to last, it's hand washing. I'm moving on to a highly rated acrylic on ravelry and at one of my LYS for the next one. Stayed tuned. I really did like the feel of knitting up the Swish. Too bad it doesn't hold up.

More details on ravelry.


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  1. What sweet trick or treater...
    I love the lavender sweater...Someone is going to look beautiful ...