Friday, November 6, 2009

jumping around

Get ready, get set, this post is going to jump around a bit! We've been busy and it's been a variey of activities! Here we go...ready....set...JUMP! (and Graypa was a willing participant to the jumping activities and no Graypas were hurt in the making of this post)

My husband, aka Graypa, loves to fish. He works 4 10 hour days and Fridays are fishing days. Period. But who complains when he uses his boat to take other men and he brings home the fish! We're eating fried sturgeon tonight! With just vegetables because the fish is filling and, um, high calorie! But very good!

I've been knitting hats. Fall is here and grandmunchkins need hats. Or so I was informed by a two year old! But before I could move on to hats and a few more Duck Soups, I give you the latest Duck soup properly displayed on an adorable little two year old. Hand knits always look better when worn. Don't you agree?

This sweater just looks so comfortable. I want one for me! Here's the hood and back view:
And we have a trio of Ducks! They're in Duck Soups and they're Duck fans. Perfect sweaters for fall.

The favorite part of the day for these has to be when Mommy walks through the door. But 15 minutes before that is Graypa time. He puts down his lunch box, I maybe get a kiss hello, and it's about books and wrestling and chatting. I become the potted plant and I don't mind in the least.

Our son left quite a legacy. I hope he got to see this from heaven. His family, except for the youngest, was baptized last Sunday. He led his daughter to Christ about two years ago. His wife came to know Jesus as her Savior just before they were married because of Jer's witness. His son just became a Christian two weeks ago. Graypa had the privlege of leading him to Christ. So many tears that day. Tears of joy but oh, tears of great ache too. I have been praying Rom 10:1 for my grandchildren for a long time. How blessed I was to See the answers to my prayers.

And finally! I joined another hat swap on the Itty Bitty Knits group on ravelry. Hats are quick knits but can really be fun and so cute on little ones. Mine isn't done yet but I received mine from my swap partner yesterday! We are all doing the Candy Cane hat. My swap partner made my hat big enough for my 8 year old granddaughter which is so exciting for me. I wanted a hat for her for Christmas and this one is perfect. The workmanship is wonderful in this hat. Don't you think so?

And this is the rest of the package. The stitch markers are wonderful. I'm excited to use them on my next Duck soup. The swaps are so much fun and so little in time and money commitment. If you're on ravelry I highly recommend the itty bitty knits group. A wonderful bunch of knitters that are caring and loving. As well as being great knitters too!

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  1. Love the sweaters..beautiful job and on a beauty too...
    It brought tears to my eyes , tears of joy to see those sweet grandkids being baptized.. God is good ... all the time . God is good..
    We say that at our church a lot..

    I am so happy for you.
    pray for my 10 year old grandson. He had the flu about a week and half ago and now he's come down with pneumonia. Not good but God is able to heal and make him strong again.