Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving was....

A time to be loved... To give love away and make someone else happy...

To gather around the table as a family...(all 20 of us, from 2 to 76)

to drink juice from Nonny's special glasses...

to play games...(want a hint as to who won?)

to help put the finishing touches on the meal...(from 2 to 76!)

to TRY and decorate gingerbread houses after dinner....

to work and play together...

young and adult....

to enjoy, ahem, our creations in several ways....(and yes, her cheeks are storing candy for later!)

enjoy the fun of creating...

clean up together...
I'm not going to say this Thanksgiving was easy. At times it was heartbreaking. But there was laughter and love in abundance too. We made it through together and are thankful that those that are walking this hard place with us were under our roof for Thanksgiving. My daughter says we're stubbling, tripping, and, at times, crawling rather than walking--she's right but it's the "we" that's important. And I am thankful there were many "we" to share it with.
And the food was good too! I haven't made Swedish Bread in years but I did it up right this year. A Full batch and one loaf was gone, completely gone, before dinner!


  1. I'm so glad you gound and had Joy in this bittersweet Thanksgiving. Your family was in our thoghts and prayers. I love the idea of a family project. I have some ornments I'm planning on makg with Isaiah as a suprise for his parents. You've given me a great idea for next year! Thank you

  2. God is good. He helps us one day at a time , yes it is bittersweet and sometimes such a heavy heart ,covered up with a smile but we are making it.
    I went to our church's Christmas dinner this year and a few times I felt so lost I thought how foolish I was to come. But I stayed and it passed and I came home to crochet on the abused women's scarves I am doing.
    It is the 3rd Christmas without my dear husband , we would have been married 50 years this coming February.
    Heaven's looking sweeter all the time.
    God bless you as you so valiantly keep on keeping on this Christmas. The things or ways of this world seem so meanless without our loved ones. Yet we know they are having a better time than they ever had here. There in is my comfort.
    Bless you Elsie

  3. God Bless you and your family. The "firsts" are always so hard. It does look like you had a great holiday and the kids had fun. That's what you can hold on to.