Monday, April 26, 2010

a shopping we will go

I barely slept Friday night. Not that that is so unusual for me of late but it was even more pronounced. Why? Because Saturday was the annual Guild Shop Hop! I had a seat on the bus for the third year in a row. But this time my daughter, the enabler, the supporter, the stashless one, was going with me. So not only did I get to shop for my stash, I was enabling someone else, or, shopping vicariously. I didn't take pictures of my stash enhancement, not wanting to incriminate myself, but there was some. I had a goal in mind of getting yarn that I had not knit with before for sweaters or vests for me. So I came home with Madelinetosh and Malabrigo. And some sock yarn, Blue Moon, and one skein of Dream in Color Starry for a shawl. That's my budget for the year. I had no intentions of getting yarn for grandmunchkins but one yarn screamed my granddaughter's name so it came home. I think I have as much of a problem with yarn as I do patterns because I picked up 4. The bus awaiting 55 knitters. Turned out our driver was a knitter but didn't bring it this day. He should have considering the waiting he did. We left at 9am and arrived back at 4:45pm. We had 45 minutes at 6 stores on the east side of town with a little longer at 2 of the stores to allow a lunch break. More like wolf down lunch so you could keep shopping. We came home exhausted. I am Not a shopper and prefer internet shopping with deliveries to my door. Once a year is good for a shopping excusion!
We were a welcome sight! In this economy to have 55 knitters shopping for yarn.....well, enough said!

Each store seems to have a specialty although they do overlap. This store specializes in sock yarn and the wall behind the enabler is all sock yarn. They are the only place in town that carries Blue Moon to my knowledge and the back corner is devoted to it. Seems funny, since Blue Moon is local, that more don't carry it. And yes, I imbibed.

I didn't buy anything at this shop (and one other), mainly because they didn't have a yarn I was looking for. But I can see going back there because their selection was large and there is another yarn store just 2 blocks away so it would be a 2 for the trip of 1.

The enabler, stashless one, is no longer stashless. To her credit, if she bought yarn, it was for a specific pattern. She is nothing, if not organized!

The shop hop has goodie bags from Lantern Moon (also no picture) and raffle prizes. For the third year in a row, my raffle prize was a sock kit! Each time it's been a different brand of sock yarn so I get to try different ones out and see if I was to try them again.
Another fun successful shop hop. BUT the best part? Shopping and spending the day with the enabler!


  1. OHHHH! I'm wiping the drool from my keyboard as I'm reading this! We have one LYS I LOVE, (its like going home)& one other in Louisville. I can't imagine that many in one day. I would be in serious trouble! I applaude & am in awe of your willpower!

  2. Definitely FUN - and I can't wait until next year. I just have to get some of this stuff knit up before then! LOL