Thursday, April 22, 2010


I certainly don't look this cute while I'm sleeping. So, while they sleep, I say ahhhhh with knitting, reading, and coffee. He insisted on sleeping with his hat on. And, of course, always tiger. He goes nowhere, does nothing without tiger.
She insists on sleeping with many and then arranges them to her liking before settling down to sleep.

First one out ususally and he falls asleep as he is.
She's a sudden sleeper. She plays and giggles and you think she's never going to drift off and then in 2 seconds she goes from giggle to zzzzz land. Good memories for a Nonny to have.


  1. Those pictures are so adorable. Addison is the same way about falling asleep as Savannah.

  2. I keep coming back to these pictures just to smile....thanks for posting them - and taking them. I am always afraid I am going to wake them up!