Sunday, June 13, 2010

In lieu of sewing an ark....

I sewed a boatload of clothes. But that's later in the post. A rather long post and I'm sorry. First, woo hoo, excitment, we've had a sighting of...the SUN!!! And just in time of WWKIP. For the third year in a row our small community had a WWKIP event thanks to Tami on ravelry. She organizes and makes calls and gets the LYS behind her and the group of knitters. There were gift bags again this year and I made 10 of them and never even took a picture! There was enabling yarn (in other words-a small sample that makes you want to buy more) and some hand made stitch markers, as well as the bag. There was a destash table and Miss S made a haul from that for her hospice shawls! I think she's done close to 50 of them and she's used what I'm willing to give her from my stash and my daughter's stash. My Mom has checked out Goodwill as well but she was getting down there. I think she's good for a bit. Especially since she's decided to lay down the crochet hook for a bit and pick up the knitting needles again. She only knows the knit stitch but I was looking to tax her brain a bit and was going to bring out dish cloths with different stitch patterns for her to try and learn but I think we'll delve into the purl. I made gift bags for the girls in my knitting world, Miss S and Miss R, since there weren't gift bags for them at the WWKIP event and if we want to create knitters then they have to feel a part of it. Plus, they were fun to sew up!
Miss R helping Mommy open and explore her gift bag. Her sweater was knit by Mommy and is one of our favorites. Look for another one or two of them in future posts!

And a crocheter/knitter is made...or at least started!

Remember the ark and boatload? Well, until yesterday the rain has been coming down. We've had the average total rainfall for June in just the first 4 days and I won't even talk about May! When it rains, a lot, I'm glad I have hobbies. I also joined a group on ravelry called 30 days of sewing in an effort to spur on the sewing and have a place to share it. The goal of the group is to sew for 30 minutes a day. Many of the group have small children so 30 minutes a day to sew is sometimes a stretch. I've pretty much gone over the quota but birthday season is here so I was in a much sew position. Here we go:

Bags for Miss S and Miss R for WWKIP, made from leftover skirt fabric and a good use of a mistake. I originally didn't like the skirt on the dress so ripped it off and destined it for the garbage when this need and the skirt met up and smacked me in the forehead.

Birthday dress for our 9 year old granddaughter, Daisy Kingdom pattern and fabric my Mother in law was destashing

Another Daisy Kingdom dress and pattern from my Mother in law's destash for the 4 year old granddaughter.

The same as the dress in the picture above, Daisy Kingdom pattern and fabric and destash

4th of July shirts for the two year old boys. Fabric is a Debbie Mumm that I got on sale for a great price! Our family loves the Fourth and I like to make shirts or tops for the kiddos to wear to the parade and BBQ or whatever after.

This shirt for the 7 year old. Again, Debbie Mumm fabric on sale!

Birthday shirts for the 3 year olds. I got this fabric months ago at a quilt shop sale that was really too good to pass up and I love the shirts!

And lastly, I'm working on quilts for the three 2 year olds that will be 3. They have "big" beds now and need quilts. Miss R found this quilt pattern in a "quick" quilt magazine I had left out and pointed it out and said I like that one. It's very pretty. So there you go. A birthday present was born. However, their idea of quick and mine are worlds apart. A gazillion applique pieces is not my idea of quick. However, I do love how it's coming out and the appliques are adorable. Now if I can find something as "quick" for the boys!


  1. Thank you again for helping out with the goody bags for WWKiP! I'm envious of your sewing abilities. I need to spend this next week getting some sewing done for an event the first weekend of July, but am resisting. ;-)

    Tell S that she's doing an awesome job!

  2. You are sewing up a storm! Those sresses and shirts are so cute. I know the kids will love them. That quilt! What a lucky and much loved little lady!