Thursday, June 24, 2010

That much closer....

That much closer to finishing up the sewing projects and exiting the sewing room for the summer. I don't want to be in the sewing room when the sun is shining and I can be outside with a book or knitting but the Fourth is coming up and it's tradition for me to make the kiddos a shirt for the day. As well there are three grandmunchkins that moved into "big" beds so that means a quilt for their birthday. And did I mention that 8 of our 9 grandmunchkins have birthdays from June 17 to August 4th? And 4 of them have the SAME birthday? So by July 11 I have to have 3 quilts done. One top is done, two to go. Stay tuned!
But tonight I broke free of the sewing room to hold this precious bundle. No prejudice but I think she is absolutely perfect, adorable, sweet, and I could keep going on. Typical grandmother. As well, cousin met her new cousin for the first time. She was fascinated.
But before I broke free, I finished two more tops for the Fourth. One for the 3 year old that matches her brother's shirt. I got the fabric on sale half price for $8 and got a shirt and top and no adding to the stash!
I bought 2.5 yards of the blue for about $9 and got 2 shirts for the boys and this top for the sister. Again, I used it all up and didn't add to the stash! I love that. One more top to finish from last year's Fourth fabric that has been sitting in the stash and is now gone!


  1. What a beautiful bundle! And look at all that lovely dark hair! I'm glad you've had some joy in your life recently; it helps take the sting out of last year. Doesn't remove it; just eases it a bit.

    The new clothes for grandmunckins are adorable! I can sew, but not like you; you can SEW!

  2. Debby I am always so amazed at how much sewing you get done! I have projects in my head but I never seem to get them done. :)

  3. What a doll!!! All that dark hair, she has beautiful skin tone too. How can you put her down. I love that perfect baby smell. Congrats and blessings to your family!