Thursday, July 8, 2010

sew tired of sewing and sew I'm finished

The quilts are done! And not a moment too soon. I've been sewing for almost non stop for a couple of months and I'm sew tired of sewing. The sewing table was piled high with projects and there were birthdays and the 4th of July coming so it was sew or stare at the piles and have no gifts. I got in and got it done. Here are the last of the sewing projects and the most intensive. The quilts for the three three year olds that moved into big beds a couple of months ago. Quilt for little Miss. She actually picked this quilt pattern herself. I had a McCalls Quick Quilts magazine laying around and she saw this quilt and claimed it. I had to add one extra panel down and the panels for the top and bottom to the original pattern. I think it was supposed to be a wall hanging. It was labor intensive with all the applique pieces to be cut out, ironed on, and blanket stitched around. However, despite my grumbling it was worth the effort. I love this quilt. The colors were based on fabric my sister found at Wal Mart. Not the best fabric so I ironed on interfacing to the whole piece.
And here comes the Convoy! I didn't know what to do for the boys beds and saw this in the sewing group on ravelry. I asked the lady where she had obtained the pattern and whoosh, out came the debit card. It was just what I was looking for. It was a fun quilt to do because the pattern has you stack and shuffle fat quarters to cut out the blocks.

I found flannel for the backs of the quilts. Little Miss' quilt has Disney princess flannel and the boys' quilts have John Deere tractors.
Happy Birthday 3 year olds!
The total for sewing in the past months: 5 quilts-1 baby, 1 for a swap, and these 3, 3 dresses, 3 4th of July shirts, 3 4th of July tops, 4 mermaids, 3 super heroes, 2 bags for WWKIP, 1 bag for a swap...and I know I'm forgetting something.....


  1. In case I forget to tell you in person - those quilts are AMAZING!!!!! My kiddos are blessed.

  2. What an accomplishment. I have so much sewing to do. I thought about packing some of it up and taking it to my mother's today, but dismissed the idea. To much mess!! I just need to go downstairs and do it. Lucky three year olds!! Happy Birthday to them too.