Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just how much can you fit into one weekend?

The Fourth was on a weekend again! It's one of my favorite holidays so that combined with it being on a weekend means a LOT crammed in.

First up on Saturday the 3rd: the CAT (cancer awareness and treatment) walk through downtown Hillsboro. I'm not sure who I'm talking to here but I really did walk the whole 3.1 miles and pushed the baby limo about half of that. (baby limo is the name dubbed for the triplet stroller my daughter has for her 3 little ones who are not so little in combined weight!) I Know what I'm doing here! I'm signing to my husband that we're going to Starbucks! Funny thing, Starbucks is right by the finish line. Wonder who planned that one?

Then there was the raising of the flag and the playing of the Star Spangled Banner which also signals the start of the parade!

There were bands. Two pipe bands this year.

There were really, I mean really, cute kids.

There was a crowd of family and friends.

There were famous, um, characters. The famous one in this photo for us is the almost 20 year old with her thumbs up. (our niece and quite a character herself)

There were more seriously cute kids in cute 4th of July shirts...and treats. The blueberries were a bigger hit than the candy!

There were lots of flags flying by seriously cute kids.

There were candidates worthy of shaking hands with. And some not so worthy.

More flag flying by a seriously cute young lady who just happens to be a naturlized citizen and loves her new country. I think next to her birthday and Christmas, the 4th is her favorite!
After the parade there was a traditional BBQ at the Grandparents.

Move ahead to Sunday the 4th. The first part of the day was spent in church which is the best place to start the 4th. In prayer for this country. And then Sunday night? FIREWORKS! I love fireworks: the smell, the pop, the color, the oohs and aaahs. It's been a few years but it won't be a few more before we do this again. Especially since we found a relatively easy to get in and out of spot with a lawn for the kids to play on until it's time.
Monday was still part of the holiday weekend and the weather was beautiful. Not too hot, a little cloudy but dry. So....off to Silver Falls we went. It's a state park about 1.5 hours from home up in the hills and it has the most beautiful hiking trail called the Trail of Ten Falls. Because there are 10 waterfalls along the trail. If you go all 8 miles. We elected to do the 5 mile portion of the trail and by moving vehicles cut off the last 1.6 miles. We saw 7 of the 10 waterfalls. The trail starts by traversing down into a canyon and following the canyon until the 7th waterfall, at which point you hike out.

There were wild flowers in bloom everywhere.

It was quite a finale to a wonderful weekend. So thankful to God for such beauty at our doorstep.

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