Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shower sewing, yep, MORE sewing

I've been knitting...really! But nothing finished. And there was a baby shower coming up for our newest granddaughter which meant crank up the sewing machine. It's faster and I do enjoy making things for little ones. Sew!
I made a little sun dress. The pattern is from Sewing With Whimsey. Love this book! And here is the other dress, also from Sewing with Whimsey. She has a second book coming out this summer and I plan on ordering it.

We are ready to PARTY!! I've got the dress, I've got the shades, I got the water bottle...let's go!

The dress is a Daisy Kingdom dress pattern and fabric that I made for her birthday. Fits perfectly!
So onto the party.....

Mommy and Daughter. All of my granddaughters take after their Mommies, even the newest one. The female genes must be pretty strong!

The guest of honor was well loved. Her cousin is already showing signs of being a wonderful Mommy.

The pretty Mommy enjoying her cake and letting us enjoy the little one.

It's tough being a grandmother. I had to fill in holding the baby and feeding her while the others played games and oohed and aaahed over the gifts.

These two little ladies really got into the games. The game was to guess the baby food flavor and they tried with gusto. Don't they look like miniature ladies at a shower?


  1. pretty dresses!!! =)

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  2. I love the dresses!! I am trying to force myself downstairs to sew. I cut out three dresses last week from fabric I brought home from Hawaii.
    Baby showers are always such happy times. Everyone looks so happy in your pictures. And what a beautiful new baby!! I love her dark hair, so much of it!