Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer lovin'

There is a new baby in our family that's get lots of lovin'. And lots of events to see her and love her up. I got my first smile and coo this last weekend and I loved it.
A Lot of lovin' going on this summer. We're lovin' the activities, the weather, the activities, the busyness, the activities, and, did I mention, the activities? No lazy days of summer for us and we haven't even had our first camping trip yet! There are concerts in the park every Thursday and with all the grandparents there, there's a lot of lovin' for little ones. We take dinner and sit and enjoy the family and, sometimes, the music. Sometimes the music isn't that great but the family is worth staying for.

There are new puppies to be loved. It's my niece and nephew's puppy but they were so kind as to share it with a bunch of 3 year olds that loved it up. Maybe a bit too much lovin'?

There was a birthday party for two guys (my brothers) that turned 50. Dubbed "Twiddle Dee" and "Twiddle Dum" by their loving? family. Twiddle Dum is a grandpa now and did some lovin' with his first grandson.

Twiddle Dee isn't a grandpa yet but it's just a matter of time.

There was a wedding. And the best part of the wedding for 3 year olds? Lovin' to blow bubbles at the end of it!

The grandmunchkins are lovin' summer school. There are crafts, and reading, and Bible stories, and learning.

Ahh, reading in the backyard...love it!

And we love Fridays when the schedule gets mixed up. Last Friday it was portrait time in the park for 3 three year olds with the reward of playing after. This is one of my favorites of the three of them.

We're only half way through the summer and lovin' it! Well, most of it. I'd like to say we're lovin' eating from the garden but thus far it's been zucchini and beets. It's about a month to six weeks behind. We hoping to get tomatoes before there's a freeze!

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