Friday, July 30, 2010

We faired rather well at the fair!

The county fair was this week and the ladies of the family entered something. AND we all, everyone of us, got at least one blue ribbon! No one got left out. Miss S got a blue ribbon for her crocheted shawl.

My oldest daughter got a blue ribbon for her tulip sweater. It is only her second knitting project!

Little 9 year old S got a blue ribbon on her first sewing project ever! It's the little puppy in the case behind her. She sewed the body on the sewing machine and hand sewed the details.

I got blue ribbons for my little girl's dress and my Evenstar shawl.

I entered photography this year just to see how I would do. I didn't expect to win anything but I wanted to compare my photos to the winners to see the differences. Imagine my surprise when I won a second place for a color portrait of a child and honorable mention for a black and white portrait of a child! That was a welcome surprise!

And what fair would be complete without treats from the midway?


  1. Thats awesome!!!! I love the puppy I bet she was so excited ans I know you are all proud of each other. And Miss S looks wonderful. I LOVE to see her smile

  2. Great job for all of you!! I have always thought I would enter something, but the entry date and I just cannot get together for some reason. Oh well, there is another year:)