Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It started out small

It started out with just this: and this:
Just two hats for two little girls when we go to the beach next. But the first was too small for the 3 year old for which it was intended so it went to the 2 month old. That meant the 3 year old didn't have a beach hat. And then the nine year old saw them and wanted one. So a few more hats came into being. Six more for a total of 8. And a lot more of the small stash piles are no longer. The fabric drawers are actually almost empty! We won't go into the yarn piles. They are still like tribbles. Half of the 8. There are now hats for 3 granddaughters and a daughter. And I finally got the size right for a beach hat for the 3 year old. I used a Butterick hat pattern for all the hats. It was intended for infants and toddlers so it took some modifications to make it for a 9 and 23 year old. I modified it for the little hats as well. It didn't call for a lining and, though the hat would be light weight, no lining meant it would look unfinished as well. So I made two of the hat crowns and put one inside the other with the seam sides on the inside so it looks finished. I sewed the brim on per the pattern instructions so there is one seam showing.

The 3 year old has her beach hat!

And butterflies are pretty popular with the girls in my family so they all got a butterfly hat.

And this was just to bust the stash and it goes with a summer top I made her a few weeks back.

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  1. Love them! So cute! perfect to wear to the beach barring much wind