Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finishing up...

Just finished Labor Day weekend which signals the finish to summer and the start of fall. Even though fall doesn't actually start until later in the month. Usually we just stay close to home and relax on Labor Day weekend. Maybe a BBQ. But this year we really finished off the summer. We hit the State Fair on Sunday after church. We toured the midway but only as a means to an end. The end being the animals, the gardening exhibits, the textile exhibits, lunch, just exhibits in general and time together. For the most part we weren't disappointed. I was craving a little more in the way of textile exhibits but what I saw was beautifully done and exhibited and the ribbon winners looked to be worthy of the ribbons. I craved a corn dog. I wasn't disappointed. And then, there was the deep fried Twinkie we were told we HAD to try. Ok, I tried it. One bite. Two bites. Miss S tried it. One bite. Two bites. And then garbage time. My apologies to my son but he did not get his taste buds from me!
In the textile building a quilting quild was building quilts for Habitat for Humanity and Soldiers of Valor. They had pre cut lots of fabric squares and triangles. People were urged to come in and look at the blocks they were going to build and put the fabric for a block together. They could even watch their block being stitched. Miss S had a wonderful time with it.

And she enjoyed watching her block being stitched. The ladies were wonderful to her.
And the next day was the last baseball game for the Beavers. The Park where they have played for years is being renovated to a soccer only stadium. I could get on my rant box here but suffice to say I am not happy. I can't imagine summer without at least one baseball game and the 7th inning stretch and stitch and pitch and overpriced hot dogs. I really enjoy a baseball game and I am so sorry to see it go. We're talking about heading to Seattle next year for the Mariners Stitch and Pitch to get our baseball fix.

It was a packed stadium for the last game. Maybe if we'd packed it out a bit more often they could have stayed.

One of our goals for this weekend was to spoil Miss S with attention. She hasn't got enough lately. She had our undivided attention first at the fair and then, not only our attention, but her grandparents as well, at the game. She really loves her grandparents. Her grandpa to tease more than love actually.

The final score of the final game. Brings a tear to my eye. I'll miss this.

And I finished up a few projects as well. I'm in yet another swap in the Itty Bitty group in ravelry. This one is a "Teddy Bear Picnic" and is a 3 month swap with a package going out every month. There is a list of "elements" that are required for the swap but how they are created or if they are bought is up to the swapper. One element must be knit from one of the Itty Bitty books but, again, which one, is up to the swapper. My first package was a kit to knit the food (one of the required elements was a kit and another requirement was food for the picnic). The second I sent out last week and was the bear requirement. I sent two bears because my partner has two little girls. I was rather pleased with how the bears turned out.

I also made two little aprons for the little girls so they could "prepare" the picnic. We can include anything extra that we want as long as we included the requirements. The aprons were fun, used up stash, and were good practice for Christmas sewing I'm working on. I now know the apron pattern is going to work perfectly for what I want for Christmas gifts.
I also finished up the last stick horse. The four younger grandmunchkins all now have a stick horse. I have one more to make but not for a year or so when itty bitty 2 month old is a bit older.

And while most things are finished up for fall, the garden is starting to really produce. Our first rainbow carrots graced our dinner last week. The different colors do have different flavors. The orange and red are a bit sweeter whereas the yellow and white are a bit more bitter.

Our one granddaughter is a huge carrot fan and as fast as I peeled them, she ate them!

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