Saturday, September 25, 2010

If it's the 3rd weekend in September then...

It's time for OFFF! But before I get to that...drumroll please...I finished two sweaters! Ok, so I cheated a bit and knit the majority of them on the knitting machine. But before I get razzed about using the machine to knit, let me preface it by saying I really don't like using the knitting machine. I.Really.Don't.Like.It. But fall weather came unusually early and several of the grandmunchkins had outgrown last year's sweaters. So urgency made me get out the dratted machine. And use up stash. Here's the second sweater. Knit from Debra Norville yarn from JoAnn's. Knit on the machine in one day. Hand knit the neck edge and hem edge. Here is sweater number one. The model makes the sweater cute. Knit in two days because I was relearning how to use the machine. The cuffs, neck edge, and hem are hand knit.
Easy to knit, sort of, not too time consuming. So a great playground sweater.

Ok, Now on to OFFF, Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. A three day event at the Canby fairgrounds. This is my third year going and I still enjoy it. Everywhere you look is fiber in some form, be it on the animal, the fiber from the animal waiting to be carded, spun, dyed, or the roving ready to be spun, or my personal favorite...Yarn! My first stop is always the Blue Moon booth for Rare Gems. I didn't get any last year but I did this year. Ahem, yellow and green for, ahem, a certain Duck fan in our house. I looked for some green and black so I could maintain platypus standing but couldn't find any. I did find some peppermint candy (that's what I'm calling it) for a Christmas shawl.

It was a beautiful day and much of the festival is outdoors so sunny weather made it that much better.

See what I mean? Yarn and Roving and whatever else a knitter/spinner/weaver might need. This is another favorite booth, Abstract Fiber. Both Blue Moon and Abstract Fiber are local and when I go to this festival I try to support local businesses.

Animals that have wonderful fur or wool that make wonderful yarn are everywhere and are part of the fun of the festival. The attendees are encouraged to pet and touch, even the youngest ones. Miss R was admiring the angora bunny from the restriction of the cage wires and the owner kindly brought him out for closer inspection. Miss R was also without anyone but Auntie S to compete for attention today and throughly enjoyed her moment in the spotlight.

Alpacas. More shy and skittish than a 3 year old!

Hi there Mr. Bunny!

We ended the festival this year as last year, by picking out finger puppets to purchase. Can you believe a lady knits these and sells them for only $1.50?

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