Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My life is crazy, busy, full and, while I wouldn't have it any other way, I will take an opportunity now and again to step back and be me, myself, and I. Not Mom, Nonny, Deb, etc. This past weekend was just such a time. The annual Knitting Guild Fall retreat. The fall retreat starts Friday and ends Sunday. There are 9 hours of knitting classes in that time and the rest of the time is mine, all mine. Well, the whole weekend is mine considering that I really enjoy the classes as well. It is held at the Lady of Peace retreat center not too far from home. The rooms are private, the wonderful meals are prepared by the Sisters, and there is no tv or internet or phone, unless you bring your cell phone. It is wonderful.
Friday's class was a class in knitting a beaded necklace taught by Sivia Harding. I felt privleged to be sitting under the teaching of a knitting wonder like Sivia. She was a wonderful teacher, quiet, concise, clear, and willing to go the extra lengths to make sure you were confident in what you were doing and you were happy with what you were creating. If you weren't, she wanted to help you find out why. She was available for questions throughout the weekend even outside of class times.
Saturday was lace knitting using her Norweigian Woods shawl pattern. I restarted this several times and am now ripping out my second attempt. I wasn't happy with the yarn I chose. It had nothing to do with her pattern!

The classroom, big, airy, comfortable. The room also was the dining and social room. The first step of the neckace, stringing the beads.

My favorite part of the Friday class was that my daughter joined me for the class! First she attends the shop hop with me and then a class. I'm loving it. I see a future for her in knitting classes and retreats with me. A much later future considering her 3 little ones that need her more than knitting classes or me and we're not hurrying the process! This class was during their nap time so she won and they didn't lose.

Between class times there was a wonderful walking trail behind the retreat center that begged for a good stretch of the legs. And the rain was gone just long enough to get a good walk in.

And here it is! My finished necklace. Started Friday in class and finished Saturday evening and worn to church on Sunday! I will be doing another, and another, and maybe another. I purchased a kit to make this one since I did not have the confidence to pick out beads myself. Having done one and seen many others, also created from kits, I think I could purchase the beads and thread myself. The kit was purchased from Earthfaire, Raspberry Fields Forever, and knit on size 0 needles.

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