Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tis the season....

for apples and pumpkins and kids and smiles. Let's start with the apples. I love reading blogs. Mostly knitting blogs and ravelry but once in awhile there are others. Susan B Anderson of Itty Bitty fame posted a link on her blog for oven made applesauce. It was a hit, both to make and eat!
Moving on to pumpkins! I haven't carved pumpkins in, um, years! But this year there were pumpkins in the garden that begged to be carved. Miss S just saw Ironman 2 and guess what she wanted her pumpkin to look like? I got a huge smile when it was done, whew! But before I got the smile for a carving job, I got this:

Not too sure about the "pumpkin guts".

But the end result were smiles indicating the pumpkin cleaning was a memory. Um, just to clarify, I did most of the cleaning! And I actually thought it was fun!

Pumpkins on the front porch, carved pumpkins, mean trick or treaters come calling! Spiderman and Superman took time from fighting crime to garner cookies and treats. P'incess Jasmine took time for her royal subjects to bestow a p'incess wave and bow.
There was trick or treating at the local mall and the 7 youngest got together to trick or treat. I love that the cousins are close, both in distance and relationship and love that the Moms foster it!

We have an Avatar, a storm trooper, Spiderman, Superman, Strawberry Shortcake, P'incess Jasmine, and a love bug. Pretty cute if I do say so myself.

And Halloween just kept going! Our church youth put on a harvest party for the kids. They had a cake walk, sack races, and a maze. The maze took up the whole basement and was complete with fog and lights. It took them hours to make and was worth it in the kids' eyes. Our grandson barely came up for a cake walk and sack race and then he was back in the maze!

I managed a few crafty endeavors for Halloween. Of course, there were the cookies for the trick or treaters but there were also pumpkin bracelets for the girls. Another idea gleaned from a blog!

If I did them again, I would use the lighter weight ribbon rather than the grograin. But grograin was what I had on hand.

And the Teddy Bear Picnic swap is finished! The last of the three packages went out last week. It was a fun swap and my swap partner really outdid herself! The grandmunchkins play almost daily with the food and dishes she sent. I sent out the tea set, or most of it, from Itty Bitty Nursery to my swap partner. It was fiddly to knit and crochet and sew up and if I did it again I would use a stiffer cotton yarn. I used a soft yarn and the pieces didn't hold their shape.

And a Hat! The boys need them. The second one is almost done. Hats are great for instant gratification when you don't feel like you're getting anything done. I used Cascade 220 superwash from stash and Dream in Color from stash.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a fun Halloween with your family! I'm so glad that your grandkids have enjoyed all the swap goodies! The tea set you knit looks great! :)