Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And so it begins.....

The mad mad sewing/knitting/crafting marathon. Every year I do this. And every year I say I'm won't next year. I'll get an early start. I.won' And the next year the same boat docks and I get on. I'm on the voyage now and the waves are getting higher and closer together. I'll sink again this year. And yet, I enjoy the sewing, the knitting, and the finished project. Here is my sewing room at the moment: On the chair-12 bibs waiting for ribbing around the neck.
On the table, cut out, ready to sew-3 jumpers, 4 aprons
On the sewing table, cut out, ready to sew-3 flannel shirts
On the drawer cabinet: 8 pieces of flannel to cut out for PJs
Wish there was a stash of Valium along with the fabric.

I have a very small fabric stash. Except for right before Christmas. My yarn stash is bad enough and to have a fabric stash too would sink the boat before it even docked.
First project done! 3 flannel shirts for the 3 youngest grandsons. My Mother in law used to make all the guys a flannel shirt every year. She was fast, she was accurate, she was loved. I cannot enter into the same circle but I can stand on the outside edge. Shirts with collars, buttons, cuffs, But there is quite a sense of accomplishment when they are done. And flannel feels so nice to work with.

Second project: Two knitting bags for the last swaps of the year in the Itty Bitty group. Love this group and the swaps. I almost said no but I would have missed out on all the fun. One swap requires no knitting, just knitterly and Christmas type goodies. The other required a bit of knitting. I'm finishing that up and will have pictures on the next post...I hope.

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  1. I really envy your knowledge of sewing! I think I would like some lessons for Christmas. Maybe Jeremy can get on that for me.