Monday, December 6, 2010

Phase one is now complete

Phase One of the Christmas sewing is now waiting to be wrapped or it is part of the Christmas decorations. I'm not sure there will be a phase two after yesterday's escapades with the sewing machine. In all fairness, it wasn't the sewing machine's fault. It was mine but I was so frustrated I threatened the sewing machine w/Craig's list.
First up: a new Christmas quilt! The squares arrived in my swap package all pre cut. I just had to sew them together and add the borders. I added a few of my own touches: gold ribbon in the borders and Christmas buttons in the corners and on the non patterned squares. It's perfect for a table topper over the Christmas tablecloth.These jumpers about did me in. I'm still shaking my head on that one. I consider myself an intermediate, at least, seamstress. I've made men's shirts with all the fussing of collars, button bands, cuffs, and more. They've been well worn and look nice. SO why would an "easy" jumper give me fits? I don't know. Shaking my head again. In the end they turned out cute but getting to that end was something of a climb.
All are from corderoy. I've got to find some turtlenecks to go with them. There is no way I'm going to make "easy" shirts.
All the girls, and I think boys, are getting aprons this year with appropriate head wear. They all love to spend time in the kitchen so why not have a fun hat and apron to go with it? There might be a few cookbooks under the tree this year as well.

Stay tuned to see if Phase two gets started, and more importantly, finished. For right now, I'm taking a break. The sewing machine and I need some time apart.
I got another swap package in the mail this last week. Mine should go out tomorrow for the latest swaps. This is from the Christmas swap. My swap partner lives in Washington so it got here fairly fast. What a package! Becky really spoiled me. The squares and border fabric for the Christmas quilt above was part of the package. There was homemade rocky road bars, Spud and Chloe yarn for jelly bean socks for grandmunchkins, Christmas Morning tea, a Debbie MaComber Christmas book, scone mix, project bags, Christmas stitch markers, a pattern for a little girl's top, a notepad, pencils, and goodies, including Chex mix. I was overwhelmed! The fabric has already been made into the quilt, the goodies are gone, the book read and then shared with my daughter, the projects bags have projects, and the tea has been my evening respite.

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  1. I have a feeling you are driven. I have thought about going downstairs to sew, but I do not get past the thought about part of the process.
    Wonderful swap package too!!! Spud and Chloe is my very favorite yarn! I really do love it. My little green dress, tights and the hat I just posted are Spud and Chloe.