Saturday, January 1, 2011

Before we close the book on 2010....

There are more than a few things we did over the holiday season..... Zoo lights! I love the lights at Christmas time and we took several walks through our neighborhood, in the cold, to see the lights. It was certainly more fun when the grandmunchkins went with us and they in turn wanted to take their Mommy. But Zoo lights is a concentrated light fest. My husband prefers the animals so it's a win for both of us.
Every year we give our grandmunchkins a book for Christmas. This year, through a group on ravelry, "The Mitten" was mentioned by more than one. The drawings were amazing. And it just so happened that a craft magazine I subscribe to had a pattern to re creat some of the characters from the story and the mitten. So, several of the grandmunchkins got "The Mitten" for Christmas and I coerced my husband into making the characters from wood. My sister did the initial coat of paint and I added the details.

My handy husband and supervisor.

The animals painted and ready for play.

The Mitten for the animals to crawl into.

And it was a success. Our 4 year old granddaughter recreating the story for her cousin. Her cousin has a set waiting for her when she's a bit older and she'll get the book as well.
In lieu of fattening, full of gluten cookies, we did craft projects. My daughter is gluten free and none of us need the sugar/fat/calories cookies provide. So! We decorated gingerbread houses
and ourselves....
The frosting stayed on his head throughout the decorating. I'm still not sure how it got there first thing?

Decorating Team I was more intent on decorating the inside of their tummies than their house. Notice both mouths are full and the house is empty? This picture makes me chuckle every time I look at it.

Team Two! And they managed to get their house decorated...and the table...and themselves...
Team III also with a decorated house and less decorations on themselves and the table. And then we have Miss S with her candies all in a row and everything just so!

And then with the sugar and the fun, it got a little silly.....

We also made ornaments. We read about these on Count It All Joy's blog and gave it a try. Note to self if we do this again, Do not use glitter. It's too hard to add the snowman details.

First paint the hand, generously....

Then have the small hand grasp the ball.... Let dry and turn the fingerprints into snowmen.

Christmas is a lot of fun but it just adds to the true meaning of Christmas. The Fisher Price Nativity scene is my favorite Christmas decoration. It is a favorite of the grandmunchkins as well and is well played with throughout the season. Miss R probably played with it the most. And this was a special moment watching her put all the figures at the stable. When asked what they were all doing at the stable she replied, "They're worshipping Baby Jesus." That made Christmas for me and still brings tears to my eyes. However! This same little girl, when asked why Jesus came said "to die for sins" and when asked who sinned, she replied, "everybody else". Ok, so there's still room to learn but there's more truth in her statement than not. How many times do I think "everybody else" is wrong and not me?

And Finally! A picture of all 9 grandmunchkins together! My birthday present! We were going to go to Storybook lane for my birthday this year but it was closed. We found out later it's open on odd years. So, per my daughter in law's suggestion we all trooped over to see Santa. This gentlemen has a sleigh and a decorated yard and sits outside for several nights before Christmas for children to come visit. He only takes donations for the Lymphoma/Leukemia Association. He was friendly and seemed to geniunely enjoy the kids. We decided this has to be a yearly event. Sadly, several nights later some young person came by and stole his donation stocking. He was undetered however and was out the next night. So were lots of people generously giving. 2010 was a bit easier than 2009 but there was still loss and heartache. But in the midst there was a sweet little addition. While we'll never get over the losses, we do move forward as a family and it's the family that's kept us going. Especially the innocent little ones. Happy New Year!

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