Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Drum roll and the totals for 2010!

One of the threads in the Itty Bitty group on ravelry is totaling up their projects (knitting) for 2010 and, given that I don't feel like I accomplish much most days, I thought I'd take a look between my projects page on ravelry and my blog to figure out how much knitting I'd accomplished. It didn't help much. I totaled up 23 projects. But the size of the projects made up a bit for the number. There were 4 stick horses, 1 toy Santa w/his bag, a pair of socks (my first), a baby sweater and hat, 3 hoodys, a huge, intricate lace shawl that took 4 months alone, a shrug for a nine year old, a lace sweater, 3 necklaces, a quiviut lace scarf, 2 hats, 3 washcloths, and 3 swaps that included a knit tea set, a turtle hat, and another hat w/matching socks.

I know I did a LOT of sewing in 2010 so I perused through my blog and found a more impressive total for sewing. Indulge my sense of needing to feel I accomplished something while I total that up:
Quilts: 6, 1 Christmas for the table, 3 twin for birthdays, 2 baby
hats-11, 7 Chef hats to go w/aprons, 4 girl's beach hats
Boy's shirts: 8, 3 for Christmas, 3 for the 4th, 2 for birthdays
Project bags: 18, 10 for WWKIP, 2 for girls for WWKIP, 6 for swaps
Teddy bears for swaps: 2
Girl's dresses: 5, 3 Daisy Kingdom dresses for birthdays, 2 for baby shower
Girl's tops: 3 for the 4th and their might have been for the summer but I don't remember
Towel cover ups: 7, 3 superhero capes, 4 mermaids
pillowcases: 2 for swap
nightgowns: 5
PJ's, boys: 6
Jumpers: 3
Bibs: 12, at least
Total for sewing that I can account for: 97

These totals would explain why my stash of yarn is taking over my closet and spilling out into the bedroom and why there is almost no fabric stash. This also explains why my 2011 resolution is Cold Sheeping and not Cold Fabric. This also explains why my husband groans if I mention going to a yarn shop but not the fabric store. More knitting in 2011 I think!

And I have models for the last sewing projects in 2010:

I'm already cooking on 2011 which looks to be more knitting and less sewing and lots of scrapbooking! Stay tuned.

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  1. SOO glad you got your models with their mouth full! LOL And, as far as the totals...you could count all of the repairs you have done on various kiddos clothes, too! And you can add to the jumper total - I think the black one and the green one for R were last year after Christmas.