Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday, 2/9/2011

It is one of Those days. The day where doom and gloom settles in for an extended visit, the day when the grandmunchkins sense that and decide this is the day to try and see if the lines drawn are still there or if Nonny will let them move a bit, the day you can't seem to focus, on anything. Though they are getting further apart, they're still there. Today was one. I wanted chocolate. In the worst way. I haven't had chocolate in over two weeks. Or sugar for that matter. But today I wanted chocolate. Maybe even needed it. I had this: in the cupboard. I whipped together before I could listen to common sense. And how ironic that I took the picture of the box right in front of my food scale. They are now a WIP. The grandmunchins after school will hopefully turn them into an FO.

I've been knitting on this test knit for weeks. I am not enjoying it. It needs too much attention for where I am able to focus right now. It seems every row is a different cable pattern and I can't take the knitting with me. I will finish it because I said I would test knit it and it would be cute for my granddaughter. As well I have a sweater chock full of cables I want to make so this is a good lesson in cables and charts.

On the other hand, I am really enjoying this little baby sweater. But it wasn't finished in time for the baby shower. It will be finished in time for the baby however!

I'm enjoying this as well but I'm only showing the yarn. It's the Apple swap in the Itty Bitty group. This is for the required elements of the swap. The other goodies for the package are on my desk and waiting for the knitted items to be finished up.

This is what is occupying most of my spare (what's that???) time and thoughts. Scrapbooking. Stacks of pictures. I was 7 months behind. By the end of the weekend it should be down to 5 months. I caught the baby's album up from birth to August. Now for the other 6. It was a New Year's resolution to get caught up. An actual resolution I can keep.

This will likely be on my WIP for another coupld of months. My goal is to be caught up by April 1st and it's very doable. I only order prints for one month at a time so the stacks of pictures to be scrapbooked don't overwhelm me and make me want to say, "forget it". I am going digital on two of the albums for 2011 so I can maybe? stay caught up!

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