Monday, February 14, 2011

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day

My sweet daughter never lets a holiday go by that she doesn't get excited about. Valentine's on Valentine's Day, Easter eggs at Easter, birthday candles on birthdays, whatever the holiday, there's something fun to do. I'm so glad to have her around to remind me to remember how much fun simple things can be. Like addressing cute Valentine's Day cards. The boys had Toy Story Valentines. They really got into who they were going to send them to.

And of course, for Princesses, what else but Princess Valentines?

Then it was time to bake Valentine's cupcakes. Miss R wanted strawberry cupcakes. I presume because they are pink but I couldn't find them so we went with cherry chip. Still pink.

And everyone got to frost the finished product....

and of course, like the knife....

This little Valentine's vest belonged to her Mommy. It was made my her Mommy's Grammie, this little one's great Grammie. It's been in the cedar chest waiting for another little Valentine to wear it.

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